Reports, policies and publications

businessplan14-15This page contains our reports, policies and key publications including the Annual report, financial report, business plan and mid-year business review.

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  • BSCCo Business Plan 2014/15

    The BSCCo Business Plan 2014/15 has been approved for use by the BSCCo Panel and Board. If you’d like to talk to us about the Business Plan, please contact Victoria Moxham on 020 7380 4166. Download the BSCCO Business Plan 2014/2015 here.

  • BSCCo Business Plan 2013/14

  • Governance Review

    Early in 2013, the BSCCo Board and BSC Panel jointly commissioned an independent review of BSC Governance. They appointed former Council of Lloyd’s deputy Chairman Bill Knight to undertake the review. The review, published July 2013,  looks at ELEXON’s current governance with regard to the confines of the BSC, particularly in the light of discussions over recent years in relation to changes to BSCCo’s vires. Open Letter from the Chairman Review of ELEXON Governance – Final Report

  • Annual BSC Report 2012/13

    The Annual BSC Report summarises the Panel’s and ELEXON’s activities for the past BSC year. More information is available in the Quarterly Reports and monthly BSC Panel Reports. BSC Annual Report 2012/13

  • Financial Report 2012/13

    The financial audit for year ending 31 March 2013 was successfully completed and the Annual Report and Financial Statements were signed off by the ELEXON Board and our auditor Deloitte LLP.

    Financial Report 2012/13

    The ELEXON Financial Report is prepared as required by company law and in accordance with Section B6 of the BSC. The maintenance of the ELEXON website is the responsibility of ELEXON. The work carried out by the auditors does not provide assurance on the maintenance and integrity of the website, including controls used to achieve this, and in particular on whether any changes may have occurred to the financial report since first published. These matters are the responsibility of the directors but no control procedures can provide absolute assurance in this area.

    Legislation in the United Kingdom governing the preparation and dissemination of financial statements differs from legislation in other jurisdictions.

  • Mid-Year Business Update

    Our Chief Executive, Peter Haigh, reviews our business activity over the past six months, including our operational performance, strategic developments and and details of our revised budget – which includes savings of £2.4 million that will be returned to BSC Parties.

    Mid-Year Business Update 2012

  • ELEXON Quarterly Reports

    View the latest report online here, and download archived previous reports.

  • ELEXON Business Ethics Policy

  • ELEXON Environmental Policy

    We recognise that our operations inevitably have an impact on the environment. ELEXON is committed to respecting the environment and seeks to minimise the potentially harmful effects of its activities as far as reasonably practicable. Where practical, ELEXON will seek to use providers who have environmental policies compatible with its own. The objective of ELEXON’s environmental policy is to aim to continually monitor and reduce its impact on the environment through the use of recycled resources, recycling, safe disposal of electrical and hazardous waste, redundant stationery & equipment, and energy saving measures.

    ELEXON Environmental Policy

  • Agreements with Tax Authorities

    This document sets out the current agreements with the relevant tax authorities regarding Corporation Tax, Income Tax and Value Added Tax for both ELEXON (BSCCo) charges and trading charges. These agreements are referred to in Sections D 2.4.1 and N 5.1.1 of the BSC.

    Agreements with Tax Authorities

  • ELEXON Treasury Policy

    This policy sets out the appropriate parameters as deemed fit by the Board for ELEXON’s banking arrangements, in order to minimise counterparty risk, while delivering a reasonable rate of return on the ELEXON Group cash balances and being able to meet the organisation’s financial obligations.

    Treasury Policy

  • Corporate Security Objectives

    Read our corporate security objectives to find out how we are ensuring our people, processes, information and technologies are secured in line with industry best practice standards for security.

    Corporate Security Objectives