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Draft Change Proposal: DCP0038

Use of Appointment and Termination Flows in Unmetered Supplies (UMS)

Proposer: ELEXON

Current Phase: Closed

Lead Analyst: ELEXON Change

Category: SVA

Responsible Panel Committee: Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG)


In a number of instances BSCP520 requires Suppliers to issue D0155 , D0148  and D0151  flows to Unmetered Supplies Operatorss when establishing or amending inventories or following a Change of Supplier or Meter Administrator.  These flows are normally used by Suppliers to appoint and de-appoint Supplier Agents, but in this context they are used to inform the Unmetered Supplies Operators of the identity of the Data Collector and Data Aggregator appointed for that Unmetered Supply.

The Data Transfer Network (DTN) is not configured to allow these flows to be provided to Unmetered Supplies Operatorss electronically, so manual processes have to be used to transfer the information.  Because of the difficulties involved, certain Unmetered Supplies Operatorss do not make use of the flows and instead retrieve the necessary appointment data from SMRS, which should be updated by the Supplier once the appointments have been made.

The views received from industry suggest that the flows are not used in their current form.  This DCP sets out options to either remove the requirement for the flows entirely or to modify the way they are used.


DCP0038 was raised on 31 October 2008. DCP0038 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00646. DCP0038 has been closed and progressed as CP1272.


CPC00646 responses  [61.3 Kb]
Document Date: 21 November 2008

CPC00646  [149.5 Kb]
Document Date: 31 October 2008

DCP0038  [28.5 Kb]
Document Date: 31 October 2008