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How can I check who is authorised for our company?

Each BSC Party should maintain a list of who within their company is authorised. Each year the Central Registration Agent (CRA) send a full list of the current Authorised people to a Category A Authorised person within each company. A Category A Authorised Person within your company can request a current list of all Authorised […]

How can I remove someone’s authorisation?

To remove an Authorised Person the CRA must receive a BSCP38/5.1 Part A and D. These forms should be populated by a relevant Category A Authorised Person. If the person cancelled is the only category Signatory and you are not withdrawing from the BSC, please also submit a Directors Letter nominating a replacement Category A […]

Which are the different categories of authorisation in BSCP38?

Section 4 of BSCP38 lists all of the authorisation categories in full and explains what the authorisation covers.