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Can High Grade lines be installed outside of the UK mainland?

Yes, we can now provide High Grade lines outside of the UK. The available line types and the associated costs are dependent on an individual quote. For further information, please go to Communication Line Request – ELEXON.

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Do I need Tibco Software to be able to use the High Grade service?

The Tibco software provides the mechanism for automated publication of Balancing Mechanism Reporting Agent (BMRA) data to your site. There are three main reasons you may choose not to order Tibco Software via ELEXON:

a. You already have Tibco Software licenses; and
b. You don’t need the automatic publication facility, and can use theMore…

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What are the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) associated with the High Grade service?

The terms and conditions are covered under BSC Section D Annex 3. BSC Section O and associated documents contain further information on terms and conditions, and on the service itself.

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Are there any costs associated with the Low Grade and High Grade services?

The Low Grade service is free of charge to all BSC Party’s. There are costs associated with the High Grade service but they are dependent on the type of service you require. Full details of the charges are detailed in the Schedule of Specified Communication Charges.

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Can more than one BSC Party use the same High Grade line?

Yes, it is possible for different parties to share the same physical connection. You must indicate if this is your intention when placing the order. The High Grade service is designed for a typical single Party profile and the service levels set on that basis. Potentially additional volumes mean that service levels are not guaranteedMore…

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