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How are BM Units categorised?

There are several types of BM Unit, each covering different aspects of the system. Each is marked with a particular prefix to its ID, as shown below: BM Unit Prefix Description Directly Connected T_ These BM Units are directly connected to the Transmission System. Embedded E_ These BM Units are embedded into a Distribution System. […]

How do I declare GC/DC values?

Seasonal declarations are done using form BSCP15/4.3, and mid-Season re-declarations are done using form BSCP15/4.4.  These forms can be found here. Download the appropriate form in Word format to populate. The completed forms should be sent to the Central Registration Agent (CRA) either by email to neta@imserv.com or by fax to 0870 833 5601. You need to be […]

How do I register BM Units?

The BM Unit Registration process is described in BSCP15 ‘BM Unit Registration’, which covers the procedures and timescales for registering BM Units. Registering a BM Unit requires a lead time of 30 Working Days, and you will normally need to speak to National Grid before this process begins, so you should leave plenty of time […]

How do I transfer ownership of BM Units?

If you decide to change the ownership of a BM Unit, you will either follow the Change of BM Unit Lead Party (CoBLP) process for a Central Volume Allocation (CVA) BM Unit, or a Transfer of Supplier ID for Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) BM Units. These generally require a 30 Working Day lead time, but […]

What could be the impact of re-declaring GC/DC?

If you re-declare GC or DC then this may result in a change of the BM Unit’s P/C Flag. If the BM Unit is a part of a Trading Unit, then the Flag of all the BM Units in the Trading Unit may be affected. This would affect which Energy Account the BM Unit’s Metered […]

What happens if I breach my GC/DC values?

During each Season, we run checks on all BM Units to see if they have breached their GC or DC values. For any BM Units that have, we send the Party an email asking them to re-declare their values accordingly. Any Party that breaches should re-declare their values as soon as possible, otherwise they risk […]

What is a BM Unit?

Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units are used as units of trade within the Balancing Mechanism. Each BM Unit accounts for a collection of plant and/or apparatus, and is considered the smallest grouping that can be independently controlled. As a result, most BM Units contain either a generating unit or a collection of consumption meters. Any energy […]

What is Credit Assessment Load Factor (CALF)?

This page is no longer being used as the content is available elsewhere on the website. Please change any bookmarks or links you may have to point to the new location. New location Credit Assessment Load Factor General enquiries 020 7380 4100 communications@elexon.co.uk    

What is the balancing mechanism?

This is one of the tools National Grid uses to balance electricity supply and demand close to real time. It is needed because electricity cannot be stored and must be manufactured at the time of demand. Where National Grid predicts that there will be a discrepancy between the amount of electricity produced and that which […]

What is the Change of BM Unit Lead Party

This process transfers a CVA BM Unit from one Party to another. All the other details with the BM Unit, such as parameters (e.g. GC/DC and CALF values), Metering Technical Details (MTDs), Aggregation Rules and Metering Dispensations, are transferred across to the new Party unchanged. However, any Metered Volume Reallocation Notifications (MVRNs) will be end-dated […]

What is the Transfer of Supplier ID process

This process transfers a Supplier ID from one Supplier to another. Each Supplier ID will have 14 Base BM Units attached to it, and possibly some Additional BM Units. All of these are transferred across as part of this process. If a Party transfers their last Supplier ID, then they will also need to deregister […]

When is the deadline for submitting the next Season’s GC/DC values?

The deadline for submitting a Season’s GC/DC values is ten Working Days before the start of the season. If you miss the deadline, your current values will be carried over. However, you can still change your values with a mid-Season re-submission, but you will only be able to increase the values in magnitude, except for […]

When should I declare GC/DC values?

Initial Registration: When you register a BM Unit, you will register its GC and DC values for that Season as part of that process. Seasonal Declarations: You will need to declare your values for each subsequent Season before they start, with the deadline being ten Working Days before the Season begins. If you do not […]

Where can I get more information on BM Units?

You can read more about BM Units on the Balancing Mechanism Units page of the ELEXON website, and in the BM Units Guidance. See Section K of the BSC for information on the Classification and Registration of BM Units and Metering Systems. BSCP15 outlines the processes for Registering, De-registering and transferring ownership of CVA and […]