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Topic: Metering (13 items)

I’m expecting a Metering site visit, what do I need to know?

An authorised inspector will visit your site and perform the checks. The TAA Metering Inspectors are suitably qualified, trained and experienced to carry out the inspection visits and have the appropriate authorisations throughout Great Britain. They all carry copies of their authorisations. We’ve developed an online support tool, the Technical Assurance Agent Management Tool (TAAMT), […]

What are Generic Metering Dispensations?

The BSC Panel may, on its own initiative or upon the application of a Party, establish Metering Dispensations from the requirements of any relevant Code of Practice, attaching generally to any item of Metering Equipment. Such dispensations are referred to as “Generic Dispensations”.

What are Metering Dispensations?

If you’re the Registrant of a Metering System, you can apply for a Metering Dispensation, if for financial or practical reasons the associated Metering Equipment is not compliant with the applicable Code of Practice. For more details please see Section L – Metering. Generic Metering Dispensations may be applied to any item of Metering Equipment. […]

What are the Aggregation Rules?

Aggregation Rules are algebraic equations which are used to determine the electrical energy volumes for particular Volume Allocation Units. CVA Metering Systems are complex with many Meters and registers and Aggregation Rules define how meter readings shall be combined. BSCP75 ‘Aggregation Rules’ defines the interfaces and timescales for submitting and changing Aggregation Rules. For more […]

What happens after the Metering site visit?

After the site visit the TAA will show you the results of the inspection and also share these with the associated agents responsible for the Metering System. You are required to rectify any non-compliance found.  There is guidance on the ELEXON website and on the TAAMT (Technical Assurance Agent Management Tool) to support you in […]

What is a Metering System?

A Metering System is made up of items of Metering Equipment; voltage transformers, current transformers, Meters and Outstations, the wires and connections between each item and connections required to transfer metered data to the outside world (e.g. modems and communication lines). There are two types of Metering System; those which measure and record electrical energy […]

What is a TAA Annual Report?

The TAA publishes an Annual Report each year providing a summary of his findings. The Annual Report is presented to the BSC Panel in June. Copies of previous TAA Annual Reports are available on Performance Assurance Reports.

What is a Trading Unit

A Trading Unit can consist of one or more Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units. By default, a Trading Unit is a single BM Unit, called a Sole Trading Unit. Belonging to a Trading Unit that consists of more than one BM Unit allows all the BM Units to be treated the same for: Transmission Loss multipliers […]

What is Technical Assurance of Metering Systems?

Technical Assurance of Metering is designed to monitor compliance with metering requirements set out in the BSC and its subsidiary documents. It consists of a combination of sampled and targeted visits to sites with Half Hourly Metering Systems registered in SVA and CVA. The size and scope of the sample is set by the Performance […]

What is the Metering Dispensation Review Group (MDRG)?

The Metering Dispensation Review Group (MDRG) is a formal review group to support ELEXON in the technical review of Metering Dispensations applications. Members of the MDRG are industry Metering experts in either the Central Volume Allocation (CVA) or Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) arrangements. The MDRG do not represent the interests of their employers. For further […]

What is the Performance Assurance Framework?

Part of ELEXON’s role as administrator of the BSC is to monitor the compliance of all BSC Parties with the provisions of the BSC, and to run Performance Assurance activities. This is done through the Performance Assurance Framework and overseen by the Performance Assurance Board.

What is the The Technical Assurance of Metering service?

The service is provided by the Technical Assurance Agent (TAA). The TAA is a BSC Agent procured and managed by ELEXON. The TAA is currently C&C Group Ltd. To check Metering Systems the TAA has to perform site visits. The TAA will notify the relevant Registrant and the appointed agents of the scheduled site visit. […]

Why do we have Technical Assurance of Metering Systems?

The checks performed monitor the compliance of these Metering Systems with the requirements stated in the BSC and its subsidiary documents, in particular the Metering Codes of Practice (CoP). It provides a level of assurance that the metered values passed into Settlement represent actual consumption.