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What is the Performance Assurance Framework?

Part of ELEXON’s role as administrator of the BSC is to monitor the compliance of all BSC Parties with the provisions of the BSC, and to run Performance Assurance activities. This is done through the Performance Assurance Framework and overseen by the Performance Assurance Board.

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What is a TAA Annual Report?

The TAA publishes an Annual Report each year providing a summary of his findings. The Annual Report is presented to the BSC Panel in June. Copies of previous TAA Annual Reports are available on Performance Assurance Reports.

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What happens after the Metering site visit?

After the site visit the TAA will show you the results of the inspection and also share these with the associated agents responsible for the Metering System. You are required to rectify any non-compliance found.  There is guidance on the ELEXON website and on the TAAMT (Technical Assurance Agent Management Tool) to supportMore…

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I’m expecting a Metering site visit, what do I need to know?

An authorised inspector will visit your site and perform the checks. The TAA Metering Inspectors are suitably qualified, trained and experienced to carry out the inspection visits and have the appropriate authorisations throughout Great Britain. They all carry copies of their authorisations.

We’ve developed an online support tool, the TechnicalMore…

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What is the The Technical Assurance of Metering service?

The service is provided by the Technical Assurance Agent (TAA). The TAA is a BSC Agent procured and managed by ELEXON. The TAA is currently C&C Group Ltd.

To check Metering Systems the TAA has to perform site visits. The TAA will notify the relevant Registrant and the appointed agents of the scheduled site visit.More…

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