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Topic: The BSC (16 items)

Can I use data from BMReports, the ELEXON Portal, or ELEXON.co.uk?

All Intellectual Property Rights in the data and information on these websites are owned in accordance with the terms of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC). If you wish to use the data and information from any of these websites, please refer to the relevant Terms of Use as follows: BMReports Terms of Use ELEXON […]

History of the BSC

New arrangements (NETA) for the buying and selling of electricity were introduced in England and Wales in March 2001 and extended to Scotland in April 2005 (BETTA)…

How are the System Sell Price and the System Buy Price calculated?

For each half hour trading period one of the ‘cash-out prices or ‘energy imbalance prices’ (System Sell Price and System Buy Price) will be associated with balancing mechanism offers and bids…

How do I submit BSC Party operational contact details?

BSC Party Operational Contact Details  ELEXON requires current contact details from BSC Parties so that it can efficiently resolve operational queries and issues. Parties are requested to keep ELEXON informed of the following: A contact (preferably more than one) that can deal with Credit Default issues both inside and outside of normal working hours. In […]

How do interconnectors work?

BSC Interconnector Trading was produced to assist BSC participants in understanding the operation and general terminology used in relation to Interconnectors under the BSC.

The BSC – Simple Guides

The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) is a lengthy legal document.  ELEXON provides a set of Simple Guides for each section of the BSC, which can be found here.

What are bids and offers?

The Balancing Mechanism allows BSC Parties (if they wish) to submit Offers to sell energy (by increasing generation or decreasing consumption) to the system and Bids to buy energy (by decreasing generation or increasing consumption) from the system, at prices of the BSC Party’s choosing. National Grid accepts Bids and Offers as required to balance […]

What are MPANs and MSIDs?

Each point of entry and exit onto a Distribution System Operator’s Distribution System has an associated Metering Point, and each Metering Point has an associated Administration Number (MPAN) and Metering System Identifier (MSID). MPAN is the term used in the Master Registration Agreement (MRA), while the BSC uses the term MSID. However, as the two […]

What is a BSC Party?

A BSC Party is any company that has acceded to the Balancing and Settlement Code (i.e. that has signed the BSC Framework Agreement). This includes all licensed electricity companies in Great Britain who are required by their license obligations to sign the BSC. Other companies may choose to do so. A BSC Party is bound […]

What is BMReports.com?

BMReports.com is the public Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) website maintained by the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Agent (BMRA), one of ELEXON’s BSC Agent service providers, in accordance with Section V of the BSC.  It provides forecast, near real time and historic data about the Balancing Mechanism.  It includes information on generation and demand, Bid and Offer […]

What is the BSC?

The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) is a legal document which defines the rules and governance for the balancing mechanism and imbalance settlement processes of electricity in Great Britain. ELEXON is known as the Balancing and Settlement Code Company (BSCCo). We administer the BSC. How do the electricity trading arrangements work? Like most commodities, electricity […]

What is the ELEXON Portal?

The ELEXON Portal is a site that provides operational BSC data, including but not limited to: Financial and Credit Cover information Imbalance volumes Best View Prices Historic System Buy Price and System Sell Price information (back to 2001) Line Loss Factor data Market Domain Data Operational parameter data (e.g. Transmission Loss Multipliers, CALF values, P114 data) […]

What is the imbalance settlement process?

The imbalance settlement process settles discrepancies, for each half hour trading period, between: The amount of electricity that a company has contracted to generate or consume (adjusted for any accepted Bids and Offers in the Balancing Mechanism); and The amount of electricity which the company actually generated or consumed. Due to the nature of electricity, […]

What is the System Sell Price and the System Buy Price?

The System Sell Price (SSP) and the System Buy Price (SBP) are the ‘cash-out’ prices or ‘imbalance prices’ that are used to settle the difference between contracted generation or consumption and the amount that was actually generated or consumed in each half hour trading period. SSP is paid to BSC Trading Parties who have a […]

When is a BSC Party in Default of the BSC?

There are various circumstances in which a BSC Party can be in Default of the BSC.  These include non-payment of charges, being in Credit Default for more than a specified number of times or period of time, or a material and/or persistent breach of the BSC. The BSC Panel decides what action to take in […]

Where can I find details of wholesale prices of electricity in Great Britain?

The majority of wholesale trading takes place directly between buyers and sellers of electricity at a price agreed in private. Benchmark prices for the trades are published on subscription to reference agencies. Short term energy trading takes place on two power exchanges in GB. Both publish price data: http://www.apxgroup.com/ http://www.nordpoolspot.com Although ELEXON does not calculate […]