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EL02016: Circulation of Performance Assurance Consultations and Publications [141.8 Kb] Issue Date: 3 June 2013

This circular is to inform you of changes we have made to the way we notify you of impending Performance Assurance consultations and publications. Further information is contained in this circular.

EL02015: BSC Central Services Planned BSC Agent Downtimes in June 2013 [160.1 Kb] Issue Date: 24 May 2013

There will be two ‘planned BSC Agent downtimes’ for the BSC Central Services in June 2013. These downtimes are required to implement technology upgrades on which the BSC Central Services run and to implement changes for the June 2013 release – namely changes to the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) software and an upgrade to the TIBCO Rendezvous messaging service (to v8.4.0).

EL02014: Update: Incorrect Balancing Services Adjustment Actions in Main Energy Imbalance Price Calculation [70.5 Kb] Issue Date: 24 May 2013

This circular provides an update to circular EL02011: Incorrect Balancing Services Adjustment Actions in Main Energy Imbalance Price Calculation which was published on 26 April 2013 and advised that a scenario had been identified where Balancing Services Adjustment Actions (BSAA) used in the main Energy Imbalance Price were not reflecting the final set of actions taken by National Grid. This circular notes that a permanent fix is being progressed, analysis is in progress and a Trading Dispute is now planned for the 4 July Trading Disputes Committee meeting. Further information is provided in this circular.

EL02013: Settlement Calendars 2013-2014 SVAA & SAA Updated [127.5 Kb] Issue Date: 13 May 2013

ELEXON received  notification that the Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA) and Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) Settlement Calendars had some date errors involving Settlement Runs R1 & R2.

Dates issued for 1 April 2013 R1 & R2 runs were timetabled for the working day before the respective 28-31 March 2013 periods.

This date error has been rectified and the updated Calendars (v2.0) are published on the ELEXON Portal.

EL02012: Consultation for Allocation of a New Grid Supply Point (GSP) to a GSP Group [53.5 Kb] Issue Date: 8 May 2013

ELEXON has received notification of a new GSP registration application from the Transmission Company. Scottish Power is constructing a new Grid Supply Point in Glasgow City Centre, to be known as Finnieston GSP. The Transmission Company propose that GSP_FINN is allocated to the South Scotland (_N) GSP Group. Respondents’ views are sought when assessing the GSP_FINN (Finnieston) GSP Registration. This consultation has been published on the Consultations page of the ELEXON website. Responses are due by 5pm on Thursday 23 May 2013.

EL02011: Incorrect Balancing Services Adjustment Actions in Main Energy Imbalance Price Calculation [263.7 Kb] Issue Date: 26 April 2013

In depth analysis of the System Price calculations has revealed a scenario where incorrect Balancing Services Adjustment Actions (BSAA) may enter the main Energy Imbalance Price calculation. The incorrect BSAA can result in the main Energy Imbalance Price being calculated incorrectly. BSAA or Disaggregated Balancing Services Adjustment Data has been included in the price calculation since 5 November 2009 and initial analysis indicates that 0.8% of Settlement Periods have been impacted by more than £0.05/MWh since this date. We are taking steps to resolve this issue and will send a further circular detailing all price impacts once the prices have been re-calculated. Further information is provided in this circular.

EL02010: ECVAA System Failure: Wednesday 03 April 2013 [131.1 Kb] Issue Date: 3 April 2013

BSC Central Systems suffered an ECVAA System Failure between 06:51 BST and 09:00 BST on Wednesday 03 April 2013. During this period you may have experienced delays receiving Acknowledgements and Negative Acknowledgements for Volume Notifications submitted between these times.

EL02009: BSC Central Services Restored [128.2 Kb] Issue Date: 26 March 2013

Further to ELEXON Circular EL02007, you are advised that the planned downtime completed successfully at 09:15hrs GMT on 26 March 2013. The BSC Central Services are now restored.

EL02008: Treatment of Volume Notifications on the ‘Short’ Clock Change Day [136.3 Kb] Issue Date: 22 March 2013

UK time changes on Sunday 31 March 2013 from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to British Summer Time (BST) at 01:00 (GMT). This will result in a ‘short’ day as the clocks ‘go forward’ an hour.

EL02007: BSC Central Services Planned Downtime: Tuesday 26 March 2013 [137.4 Kb] Issue Date: 19 March 2013

There will be a ‘planned BSC Agent downtime’ for the BSC Central Services between 04:57 (GMT) and 09:15 (GMT) on Tuesday 26 March 2013. The downtime is required to carry out an essential technology fix and is as a result of investigations carried out on the ECVAA System Failure that occurred on Friday 08 March 2013 (ELEXON Circular EL02005).