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EL02078: Risk Evaluation Methodology 2015/16 Consultation Published [129.6 Kb] Issue Date: 3 March 2014

We invite you to respond to the consultation, which sets out how the PAB will identify, evaluate and assess the materiality of Settlement Risks in relation to Performance Assurance Parties.

The proposed REM 2015/16 and questionnaire are published on the Consultations page of the ELEXON website.

Please email your response to Melinda.anderson@elexon.co.uk by Friday 21 March 2014.

EL02077: Expulsion Notice for Defaulting Party Nationwide Electricity Limited [128.4 Kb] Issue Date: 13 February 2014

At its meeting held today the BSC Panel considered the position of Nationwide Electricity Limited (registered number 06735712). A notice has been sent to Nationwide in accordance with Section A5 of the BSC advising the expulsion date is 13 March 2014.

EL02076: Decrease in the Credit Assessment Price (CAP) to £49/MWh effective from 12 March 2014 [129.5 Kb] Issue Date: 11 February 2014

Following a review, the Credit Committee has determined that the Credit Assessment Price (CAP) will be decreased to £49/MWh, effective from 12 March 2014.

EL02075: BMRS System Price Calculations Restored Following Planned MIDP Outage – 03 February 2014 [130.6 Kb] Issue Date: 3 February 2014

Further to ELEXON Circular EL02071, this circular confirms that the Market Index Data Provider (MIDP), APX Commodities Ltd, completed its planned outage at 15:30 (GMT) on 03 February 2014. The System Buy and System Sell Prices are now being published on the BMRS with the Market Index Data included in the calculations.

EL02074: Credit Assessment Price (CAP) Review Consultation [130.3 Kb] Issue Date: 3 February 2014

Following a Credit Assessment Price (CAP) breach, we have issued a consultation today on the value of CAP.  This is now available on the ELEXON consultation website.

We are inviting Trading Parties to indicate whether they agree with the proposal that the value of CAP should be decreased to £51/MWh from its current level of £57/MWh.

EL02073: Best View Prices 30 January 2014 – 31 January 2014 [126.3 Kb] Issue Date: 31 January 2014

Due to an unexpected outage between 30 January 2014 and 31 January 2014, the best view prices for these dates did not update correctly. This will be automatically resolved when the II runs for these dates takes place which is due on 08/02/2014.

EL02072: Withdrawal from the Balancing and Settlement Code – Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Party ID: CALYON) [131.0 Kb] Issue Date: 30 January 2014

This is notification that Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Party ID: CALYON) will withdraw from the Balancing and Settlement Code on 31 January 2014. This Circular contains further related information.

EL02071: Planned MIDP Outage on Monday 03 February 2014 – impact on BMRS System Price Calculations [131.4 Kb] Issue Date: 30 January 2014

ELEXON has been advised by the Market Index Data service provider (APX Commodities Ltd) of a planned outage on Monday 03 February 2014 which means the Market Index Data used to calculate the reverse Energy Imbalance Price will not be provided to Central Systems during the planned outage between 12.30 (GMT) and 15.30 (GMT) on Monday 03 February 2014.

EL02070: BSC Central Services Restored [128.3 Kb] Issue Date: 28 January 2014

Further to ELEXON Circular EL02068 you are advised that the planned downtime was completed successfully at 09:45 (GMT) on 28 January 2014. The BSC Central Services are now restored.

EL02069: Consultation: Review of the Trading Operations Report [150.8 Kb] Issue Date: 27 January 2014

ELEXON is reviewing the Trading Operations Report to ensure that it continues to best meet customer requirements, and to improve its usability and relevance. We welcome any comments or views on our proposed changes by 21 February 2014. Further information is contained within the Circular.