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Newscast Issue 504  [53.4 Kb] Updated On: 9 June 2014

Changing times: the future of energy settlement: 10 July 2014, BSC Panel Election 2014, Supplier Charges, New Change Proposals, EMR Update, Latest Quarterly Report published, Changes awaiting implementation updated, TDC Meeting Headlines: 5 June 2014

Newscast Issue 503  [53.4 Kb] Updated On: 2 June 2014

Changing Times: The future of energy settlement, BSC Panel Election 2014, Next BSC Panel meeting: 12 June 2014, New Modification Proposals – would you like to join the Workgroups?, Code of Practice 4 guidance to support P283 published, New guidance published: Business Unit Settlement Risk Ratings, Electricity Market Reform update, Credit Assessment Load Factor Autumn 2014 values published

Newscast Issue 502  [48.2 Kb] Updated On: 27 May 2014

Changing times: the future of energy settlement: 10 July 2014, Performance Assurance Board Meeting: 29 May 2014, June “Introducing ELEXON” Seminar fully booked!, Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Update, New Market Participant: Deeside Power (UK) Limited

Newscast Issue 501  [47.7 Kb] Updated On: 19 May 2014

Changing times: the future of energy settlement, Market Domain Data Circular 527 published, Finding information: BSC Panel reports, EMR Update, ELEXON Dispute decisions, New Market Participant: BTG Pactual

Newscast Issue 500  [105.2 Kb] Updated On: 12 May 2014

BSC Panel Election 2014, P301 Fast Track Self-Governance objection window, Revised proposed implementation date for P286, Electricity Market Reform (EMR) update.

Newscast Issue 499  [44.5 Kb] Updated On: 6 May 2014

New Technical Assurance of Metering Expert Group (TAMEG) Chair appointed, DECC’s consultation on Code Subsidiary Documents closes tomorrow, TDC Meeting headlines: 1 May 2014

Newscast Issue 498  [50.1 Kb] Updated On: 28 April 2014

ELEXON to work with Hitachi Consulting UK to deliver phase 1 of the Business Process and Reporting (BPR) project, EMR update, ‘Introducing ELEXON’ Seminar feedback: 9 April 2014, Next BSC Panel meeting: 8 May 2014, Credit Assessment Load Factor appeal deadline: Thursday 1 May 2014

Newscast issue 497  [40.5 Kb] Updated On: 22 April 2014

Next Performance Assurance Board (PAB) meeting: 24 April 2014, Credit Assessment Load Factor values for the Summer 2014 BSC Season published, ELEXON EMR Circulars: Reminder to comment, ELEXON Circulars published last week, Upcoming meetings and events.

Newscast Issue 496  [131.3 Kb] Updated On: 14 April 2014

ELEXON Board member Gillian Wilmot wins Non-Executive Director award, ELEXON EMR Circulars: reminder to comment, Read the latest Operations Reports, Market Domain Data Circular 525 published, BSC Panel headlines, ELEXON Dispute decisions

Newscast Issue 495  [103.3 Kb] Updated On: 7 April 2014

European Balancing Network Code, ELEXON EMR Circulars, Tell us what you think about our Guidance Notes page, New Change Proposals, TDC Meeting Headlines: 3 April 2014, Five new Market Participants