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Newscast Issue 498  [50.1 Kb] Updated On: 28 April 2014

ELEXON to work with Hitachi Consulting UK to deliver phase 1 of the Business Process and Reporting (BPR) project, EMR update, ‘Introducing ELEXON’ Seminar feedback: 9 April 2014, Next BSC Panel meeting: 8 May 2014, Credit Assessment Load Factor appeal deadline: Thursday 1 May 2014

Newscast issue 497  [40.5 Kb] Updated On: 22 April 2014

Next Performance Assurance Board (PAB) meeting: 24 April 2014, Credit Assessment Load Factor values for the Summer 2014 BSC Season published, ELEXON EMR Circulars: Reminder to comment, ELEXON Circulars published last week, Upcoming meetings and events.

Newscast Issue 496  [131.3 Kb] Updated On: 14 April 2014

ELEXON Board member Gillian Wilmot wins Non-Executive Director award, ELEXON EMR Circulars: reminder to comment, Read the latest Operations Reports, Market Domain Data Circular 525 published, BSC Panel headlines, ELEXON Dispute decisions

Newscast Issue 495  [103.3 Kb] Updated On: 7 April 2014

European Balancing Network Code, ELEXON EMR Circulars, Tell us what you think about our Guidance Notes page, New Change Proposals, TDC Meeting Headlines: 3 April 2014, Five new Market Participants

Newscast Issue 494  [47.0 Kb] Updated On: 31 March 2014

BSC Audit scope for the audit period 1 April 2014 – 31 March 2015, Are you impacted by EMR? BSC Configurable Items amended for EMR, New online calendar, Risk Evaluation Methodology 2015/16 published, Distributor contacts for Metering Dispensations, Next BSC Panel meeting: 10 April 2014, Changes awaiting implementation page updated

Newscast Issue 493  [40.8 Kb] Updated On: 24 March 2014

Next Performance Assurance Board meeting: 27 March 2014

P300 Workgroup and first Workgroup meeting

BSC Panel headlines published

Cleansing negative EACs. Your questions answered

Draft BSC Code Subsidary Document changes required for Electricity Market Reform

ELEXON Disputes decisions

Newscast Issue 492  [78.2 Kb] Updated On: 17 March 2014

BSCCo Business Plan 2014/15 published

Market Domain Data Circular 522 published

Line Loss Factor files approved on the ELEXON Portal


Newscast Issue 491  [52.3 Kb] Updated On: 10 March 2014

Would you like to help shape the new BMRS?, Electricity Market Reform update, April “Introducing ELEXON” seminar fully booked!, Authority direction to the BSC Panel to consult on a revised implementation date for P286, Next BSC Panel meeting: 20 March 2014, Settlement Calendars published on the ELEXON Portal, TDC Meeting Headlines: 6 March 2014, Changes awaiting implementation page updated

Newscast Issue 490  [41.8 Kb] Updated On: 3 March 2014

February 2014 Release implemented, Credit Assessment Load Factor (CALF) Summer 2014 Values published, Risk Evaluation Methodology 2015/16 consultation published, New Estimates of Delivering and Offtaking Transmission Loss Adjustments (ETLMO+ and ETLMO-) Go Live, “Introducing ELEXON” Seminar feedback: 12 February 2014, Post-Final Settlement Run Calendar for 2014/15 Settlement Year published, Qualification application approval: February 2014, Three new Market Participants

Newscast Issue 489  [46.2 Kb] Updated On: 24 February 2014

Do you want to join the workgroup for DECC’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Capacity Market Half-Hourly Data Aggregator (HHDA) metering option?, Consultation on EMR data flows published, Next Performance Assurance Board (PAB) meeting: 27 February 2014, D0095 Calendar for the 2014/15 Settlement  Year published, ELEXON Dispute decisions