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Newscast Issue 476  [51.4 Kb] Updated On: 11 November 2013

REMINDER: Tell us what you think about the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service: deadline extended to 15 November 2013, November 2013 Release, “Introducing ELEXON” Seminar 2014 dates published, Education Day: Changes to the BSC required for Electricity Market Reform (EMR), We have made our guidance easier to find and use, ELEXON Dispute Decisions, Read the latest Trading Operations Report, Finding information: BSC Panel Reports, Trading Disputes Committee Headlines: 7 November 2013

Newscast Issue 475  [54.0 Kb] Updated On: 4 November 2013

November 2013 Release Go-Live this week!, Education Day: Changes to the BSC required for EMR, REMINDER: Tell us what you think about the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) by 8 November 2013, P272 Regulatory Impact Assessment issued, BSC Audit 2013/14: Auditor’s Approach published, Next BSC Panel Meeting: 14 November 2013, Approved Technical Assurance Check, Qualification Application Approval: October 2013
Latest Quarterly Report published, Four new Market Participants, News from National Grid

Newscast Issue 474  [43.3 Kb] Updated On: 28 October 2013

November “Introducing ELEXON” Seminar fully booked!, Education Day: Changes to the BSC required for EMR, New Change Proposal, Next Performance Assurance Board Meeting: 31 October 2013

Newscast Issue 473  [44.7 Kb] Updated On: 21 October 2013

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Missing BSAD Values in System Prices quote on BMRS from Settlement Period 1 on 21 October 2013, Education Day: Changes to the BSC required for EMR, Market Domain Data Circular 512 published

Newscast Issue 472  [46.3 Kb] Updated On: 14 October 2013

Updates to the Change section of the website, Determination on CP1388 and CP1395, Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service survey, Market Domain Data 2013-14 Schedule published, Special BSC Systems Release on 31 December 2014, Read the latest Trading Operations Report, BSC Panel Headline Report published and New Market Participant: PVNED UK Limited

Newscast Issue 471  [46.3 Kb] Updated On: 7 October 2013

Next Cross-Codes Electricity Forum: 18 October 2013, “Introducing ELEXON” Seminar Feedback: 19 September 2013, Future Changes page updated, Potential £1.4 million NHH SVA Trading Dispute, TDC Meeting Headlines

Newscast Issue 470  [42.8 Kb] Updated On: 30 September 2013

New Chairman starts this week, New BSC Audit and SVA Qualification Contract goes live this week, BSC Systems Release pages on the ELEXON website, Risk Operating Plan 2014/15 Consultation published, Amendment to the BSC Audit Scope for 2013/14, New Change Proposals, Want to know more about Interconnectors?, Next BSC Panel Meeting: 10 October 2013, ELEXON Dispute Decisions, Social media icons on our website

Newscast Issue 469  [35.1 Kb] Updated On: 23 September 2013

Next Performance Assurance Board Meeting: 26 September 2013, ELEXON Dispute Decisions

Newscast Issue 468  [37.0 Kb] Updated On: 16 September 2013

Lessons learned from a recent Trading Dispute in North West Grid Supply Point, Market Domain Data Circular 510 published, BSC Panel Headline Report published

Newscast Issue 467  [37.9 Kb] Updated On: 9 September 2013

Annual Performance Assurance Report published, Increase in the Credit Assessment Price to £57/MWh from 12 September 2013, Read the latest Trading Operations Report, Trading Disputes Committee Headlines: 5 September 2013