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Attention: All Balancing Mechanism IT System Users

Posted: 19 June 2012

There will be a planned Balancing Mechanism Implementation outage from 10:10 to 13:40 on Tuesday 19 June 2012.

The outage will affect Electronic Data Transfer (EDT), Electronic Data Logging (EDL) and Balancing Services Adjustment Data (BSAD) communications.

If you have any questions, please call 0800 085 4806. Overseas callers should use +44 1246 524081 and quote “NETA EDT”.

Further updates will be via the Balancing Mechanism Reporting System (BMRS) and the outage will be confirmed with users via the BMRS just before the start.

Please note: from the start of the outage, Control Points should not use EDL as this will result in rejection of re-declarations with a R999 error message. Likewise when the systems are returning, re-declarations should not be submitted (although the EDL link may appear available) until a notification is issued confirming the end of the outage.

For any further information, please email service.management@elexon.co.uk.