Operations Reports

After a review with the BSC Panel ELEXON have released a proposal to change the Trading Operations Report. This is to ensure it continues to meet customer requirements. It is currently out for consultation until 21 February 2014. To review the consultation please see the Trading Operations Report Consultation file in related content. If you would like to respond please contact Chris Braley on 02073804108 or chris.braley@elexon.co.uk

The Trading Operations Report contains analysis of market data and an indication of the performance of the Balancing and Settlement Arrangements.

It is published monthly and contains:

  • Market Overview
    Key events, issues or incidents over the last month.
  • Headline Statistics
    Looking at data such as Energy Contract Volume Notifications and generation by fuel type.
  • CVA Market Graphs
    Analysis of the market data considered by the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG), including pricing data and imbalance volumes.