Our culture and values


Elexon is keen to develop a positive working culture for our staff and for staff to influence that culture. It is through our culture that we aim to create an enjoyable working atmosphere that in turn leads to a productivity that meets our business objectives.

The culture is evident within our Executive team and reflects through to staff enabling everyone to have a relaxed and professional working environment.

Our culture: the view from the Executive

We want to ensure that we behave in a sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible manner while supporting our ambition, values, and business objectives.

The culture is centred on Elexons’ six values and the behaviours that underpin them.


  • We foster a trusting, open and mutually supportive environment
  • We value diversity & recognise that each person’s contribution is critical to our success
  • We act with integrity


  • We work together as one team, sharing knowledge for the benefit of Elexon and our customers


  • We have a desire to learn & know, actively seeking out information to provide better solutions for our customers


  • We are dynamic & flexible in our approach and innovative in the development of solutions


  • In understanding & meeting the needs of our customers
  • We continuously seek to improve; to be efficient, effective & economic in everything we do

Corporate Social Responsibility

Elexon’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is built around four areas:


We work with external organisations support both charitable and community objectives which aim to benefit the community we are part of.

We do this by pledging time to fundraise or volunteering for our company’s nominated charities. We give our staff the freedom to get involved in events both inside and outside of work that make a positive difference to the community, and by extension, to themselves.

A local school

We also work closely with Netley Primary School, which is less than half a mile from our offices. Our partnership with the school gives them free access to our meeting rooms so that they can hold events for their students.

Selected charities

Every year we ask our staff to vote for a national and a local charity which Elexon then works with to raise money for they charity. Our current charities are Guide Dogs for the Blind and Alzheimer’s Society. Elexon will also contribute £100 to a charity of your choice if you are involved in raising money for them.

Staff volunteering

If you are a permanent member of staff, or on a 12 month fixed contract, Elexon will support you to take 2 CSR days per year. You can use these days for schemes you are already involved in or ask the Elexon community team works to help you look for charitable schemes that may interest you.


We have developed a positive working environment for our staff but also take into consideration how our offices affect the wider community.


Managing and mitigating our environmental impact is fundamental to Elexon’s CSR commitments. We are committed to integrating responsible behaviour and responsible environmental practices into our daily operations across the whole business.

By working with our stakeholders we aim to identify, manage and minimise the environmental impacts arising from our activities.

Elexon are proud to be one of over 200 members of the Camden Climate Change Alliance. The Alliance was formed by Camden Council in 2008 with the aim of uniting like-minded organisations in Camden who are committed to reducing their carbon emissions.

We have signed the Alliance’s Climate Commitment, which is our promise to try to reduce our impact on the environment.

Alliance members currently represent about 30% of non-domestic emissions in Camden.  Members have reduced their carbon footprints by 10.3% since 2008 which equates to 24,800 tonnes of carbon and a saving of £4.5 million.


We aim to promote Elexon’s social, environmental and economic goals within our supply chain, and endeavour to ensure that suppliers understand our CSR value.

This includes weighting on CSR obligations during evaluations of tender bids and PQQ responses. For example, requesting evidence of CSR policies and environmental practices which all count toward the end ‘score’ for the potential vendor.

Formal CSR documents

Equality and diversity

At Elexon we value a diverse and inclusive working environment. We know that finding the best talent means hiring a range of people with different backgrounds and experience. We’re also fully committed to ensuring that all our staff and potential staff are always treated fairly and equally.

As an employer we are welcoming to people of all identities, beliefs and expressions and believe that a positive understanding towards our staff will help them feel comfortable when at work. We don’t have a distinct dress code as smart-casual should be enough. However, we are pretty relaxed and always have dress down Fridays, which even the CEO takes advantage of.

Truthfully, we’re only interested in what abilities and talents you bring to Elexon. The rest of it is what makes us all individuals, and our current workforce is testament to that.

We have a very diverse range of staff from different backgrounds and from across the globe. You’ll find a variety of accents amongst our staff and will regularly hear different accents being spoken in our staff area, including:

  • Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
  • French, German
  • Shona, Yoruba, Ndebele
  • Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi

You will of course also hear English in its many dialects and tones, as we have Londoners, Scots, Canadians, and even “Northumberlanders” as well.

At Elexon, we also pride ourselves on being able to make any reasonable adjustments as required by the Equality Act.

We feel that our open-plan office environment is already able to meet most peoples’ needs, but we are also mindful of tailoring our space for staff that may have other requirements not already catered for.

Getting involved

We are keen to support networks and events that support a diverse and inclusive working environment. On 24 January 2019 we were privileged to co-host with the Womens Utilities Network an event on “The Power of Personal Branding”. Angela Love, Elexon’s Director of Strategy and Communications, was the keynote speaker.

Community and social events

We are committed to building a community in which our staff are able to relax and build friendships. We have a staff kitchen and lunch area where people can meet and enjoy the social side of working here.

The coffee area is often a buzz of activity and discussion where work and social life mixes and events such as the cake sale help us raise money for a two chosen charities.

  • our current charities are Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and the Alzheimer’s Society
  • Summer softball
  • name the guide dog competition
  • 5 aside football
  • Christmas bake sale
  • end of year dinner-dance


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