ELEXON responses to Industry consultations

ELEXON monitors and responds to industry-wide consultations that may have an impact on the provisions in the BSC, on ELEXON, or – through ELEXON – on our customers.

Some consultations also require a response from the BSC Panel.

Please let us know if you there are any industry based consultations which you feel warrant a response from us.

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ELEXON’s response to Ofgem’s open letter on the Five Year Review of the Capacity Market Rules


ELEXON’s response suggests that industry should have greater participation in rules development and that coordination of rules changes with industry Codes could be achieved by expanding Code Administrator roles or by introducing industry workgroups to Capacity Market Rules changes.

ELEXON’s response to National Grid’s consultation on CMP285 ‘CUSC Governance Reform – Levelling the Playing Field’


ELEXON’s response highlights differences between BSC Panel governance, current CUSC Panel governance and proposed CUSC Panel governance, and provides views on alternates, engagement with Panels and on National Grid Panel members.

ELEXON’s response to ENTSO-E’s Annual Work Programme 2019


ELEXON’s response views ENTSO-E’s highest priority as the implementation of European Network Codes. We also highlight the importance of wider stakeholder engagement, and harmonisation between internal ENTSO-E workstreams to ensure coordinated decision making.

ELEXON’s thoughts on Ofgem’s working paper on Electricity System Operator Performance Panel


ELEXON’s response highlighted the potential interest of suppliers and independent aggregators in providing representatives to the Panel. We also highlighted the reliance of ELEXON on ESO for the provision of data and information and the importance of ESO support when working together on Modifications to the BSC.

ELEXON’s response to Energy Network Association’s consultation on Future Worlds


ELEXON’s response highlights the importance of consistency and transparency of market arrangements for flexibility and suggests that leveraging existing market structures could deliver the soonest benefits to end customers. We also outline our view of requirements for neutral market facilitation.

ELEXON’s response to Ofgem’s consultation on getting more out of our electricity networks by reforming access and forward looking charging arrangements


ELEXON’s response advocates a holistic review of arrangements to ensure coordination across industry initiatives and highlights the importance of the BSC and central systems in delivering the data required by network charging.

ELEXON’s response to BEIS’s consultation on the future of small scale, low-carbon generation


ELEXON’s response highlighted the problem of visibility of assets for system balancing, and the potential cross-subsidy caused by Group Correction. We proposed that settlement of import and export should be on a half-hourly metered basis and that this will facilitate innovation in time of use tariffs as well as properly value embedded generation.

ELEXON’s response to ENTSO-E’s consultation on the proposal to further specify and harmonise imbalance settlement


ELEXON’s response highlights impacts of the proposals on the current imbalance settlement arrangements in GB and requests further clarity on the inclusion of locally activated volumes in imbalance price calculations and by what mechanism non-main components could be used in imbalance price calculation.

ELEXON’s response to Ofgem’s consultation on access to Half Hourly Data for Settlement purposes


ELEXON’s response outlines our view that Half-Hourly data for settlement purposes should be mandatory, in order to ensure more accurate and simpler settlement, as well as to enable innovation. We believe this would deliver the greatest benefits to the UK economy and to end consumers.

ELEXON’s response to Ofgem’s consultation on Switching Programme: Proposed modifications to regulation and governance


ELEXON’s response agrees with Ofgem’s intent for the Retail Energy Code (REC) to be a best-in-class code and highlighted the importance of early appointment of the REC manager, establishing an effective RECCo board and panel, and clarifying the accountability between REC manager and REC panel.

ELEXON’s response to ENTSO-E’s consultation on Project MARI Implementation Framework


ELEXON’s response reiterated our role as a trusted partner of ENTSO-E, highlighted the importance of engagement and coordination with ELEXON on MARI developments, and stressed the importance of developing in cooperation with Project TERRE

ELEXON’s response to National Grid’s consultation on terms and conditions for balancing


ELEXON’s response agrees with National Grid’s approach to determining terms and conditions for balancing, and makes a number of comments on the mapping of Electricity Balancing Guideline Article 18 requirements to the BSC.

ELEXON’s response to WPD’s consultation on Signposting System Needs


ELEXON’s response highlights the importance of a consistent approach to signposting system needs across different distribution regions and highlights the success of the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service as a single source of market information.

ELEXON’s response to BEIS’s Green Paper on Modernising Consumer Markets


ELEXON’s response highlights our work on Market-wide Half-hourly Settlement and the benefits that smart meters can bring to consumer markets. It also highlights the work we do to support and enable innovation.

ELEXON’s response to SSE Networks/EA Technology’s consultation on an interim solution for managed electric vehicle charging


ELEXON’s response to SSE Networks and EA Technology’s consultation on distribution network management of smart electric vehicle charging highlights the importance of market-based solutions for flexibility services and outlines considerations drawn from our experience of helping innovative electric vehicle charging solutions understand the market.

ELEXON’s response to BEIS’s consultation on proposals regarding smart appliances


ELEXON’s response highlights the efficiencies of a single central data collection and settlement function to ensure smart appliances interoperability, and the importance of the smart meter rollout and the market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement programme for unlocking the benefits of smart appliances.

ELEXON’s response to Energy UK’s consultation on Acceptable Smart Charging Standards


ELEXON’s response to Energy UK’s consultation on Acceptable Smart Charging Standards. Our response highlights the work we have been doing to support innovative charging solutions and outlines uncertainties around existing interoperability and regulatory requirements.

ELEXON’s response to Ofgem’s consultation on the RIIO-2 Framework


ELEXON’s response to the Ofgem consultation on the RIIO2 framework highlights the potential for ELEXON to perform customer engagement group administration functions and questions the applicability of price controls to all ESO functions


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