BSC Signatories and Qualified Persons

See a complete list of BSC Signatories and Qualified Persons and their relevant details. You can also see how to get personalised support from one of our Operational Support Managers (OSMs).

BSC Signatories

All parties that have acceded to the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC). The table below gives details on each party, including the roles they are registered in and who their Operational Support Manager (OSM) is.

Party Name Party ID Party Address Party Roles Contact
Walney (UK) Offshore Windfarms Limited DONG003 C/O Vinson & Elkins RLLP, 33rd Floor Citypoint, One Ropemaker St, London, EC27 9UE BP,TG
Walney Extension Limited DONG012 5 Horwick Place, London SW1P 1WG BP, TG
Warley Green Limited WARLEYGR Warley Green Limited 18 RIversway Business Village Navigation Way Preston PR22YP BP
West Burton B Limited WESTBURB 20 St James's Street, 7th Floor, London, SW1A 1ES BP, TG, EN
West Burton Limited TXUWBUR 90 Whitfield Street, London, W1T 4EZ BP,TG
Westermost Rough Limited DONG008 15 Appold Street, London, EC2A 2HB United Kingdom BP, TG
Whiteside Hill Windfarm (Scotland) Limited WHWF1985 13 Queens Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YL BP, TG
Whitetower Energy Limited FDUN1 PO Box 623, Bristol, BS34 9HZ BP,TG,EN,MV
Whoop Energy Ltd GEENERGY Chatterley Whitfield Enterprise Centre, Biddulph Road, Stoke on Trent, ST6 8UW BP
Wilton Energy Limited WEL ETOL Headquarters,Wilton International,Middlesborough, TS90 8WS BP
WindPoint Partners B.V. WINDPOIN Groot Westerbuiten 7 1135GJ Netherlands BP, TN
Windy Rig Wind Farm Limited WINDYRIG 41 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6PP BP, TG
Wolfram Trading ApS WT74183 Alfred Nobels vej 21A 9000, Aalborg, Denmark BP, TN


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