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Industry Insights

ELEXON produces a range of data, information and reports which offer an insight into the electricity industry and any changes that may affect those working in the market.

BSC Operations Headline Reports
In this report you will find commentary on BSC market operation, identification of key events and reporting of key data.

The Trading Operations Report
These report provides information on the state of the BSC market; including issues and incidents and a summary of the key events that may have had an impact on BSC Parties. The report contains various statistics for a range of key metrics and charts to provide an understanding of any underlying trends.

The System Prices Analysis Report
The SPAR reports provides a monthly update on price calculations. It is published by the ELEXON Market Analysis Team to the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) and on the ELEXON Website ahead of the monthly ISG meeting.

SEAE and GUEE reports
These reports includes the latest Market Level GUEE and SEAE Large EACAA Graphs which are supplied as zip files and include historic SEAE and GUEE information.

P305: Post Implementation Review
This 12 month review of P305 is provided by ELEXON to contribute to all interested parties’ understanding of the BSC Modification. The review presents factual information rather than an assessment of the success of the Modification.

Data Flows
ELEXON produce a large amount of data, much of which is freely available to both BSC Parties and the general public through BMReports.com (BMRS), the ELEXON Portal and our operational reports.

Peer Comparison Graphs
The peer comparison graphs are published in line with BSCP533. The Peer Comparison graphs are then produced and provided to Suppliers

ELEXON response to Industry consultation
We monitor and respond to consultations that may have an impact on the provisions in the BSC, on ELEXON, or – through ELEXON – on our customers. We respond to consultations if we think that an area of the BSC may be affected or where clarification of the BSC provisions is of benefit to the consultation. Some of these consultations also elicit a response from the BSC Panel.