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We monitor and respond to consultations that may have an impact on the provisions in the BSC, on ELEXON, or – through ELEXON – on our customers. We respond to consultations if we think that an area of the BSC may be affected or where clarification of the BSC provisions is of benefit to the consultation. Some of these consultations also elicit a response from the BSC Panel.

See the Consultations page for consultations issued by ELEXON for industry response.

If you are aware of consultations which you feel warrant a response from us, please email

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Electricity Market Reform Call for Evidence [Closed]

  • Issue Date: 29 November 2012
  • Response Date: 15 January 2013


ELEXON’s Response to the Electricity Market Reform Call for Evidence.


ELEXON's Response to the Electricity Market Reform Call for Evidence  [237.6 Kb]

Ofgem Energy Companies Obligation (ECO): Consultation on the methodologies for calculating (1) number of domestic customers and (2) amount of electricity and gas supply [Closed]

  • Issue Date: 27 November 2012
  • Response Date: 21 December 2012


This consultation letter seeks views on two issues relating to obligation setting under ECO:

  1. the methodology to be used by a supplier to determine the number of domestic customers it supplies electricity and/or gas to; and
  2. the methodologies to be used by a supplier to calculate the amount of electricity and gas supplied to domestic customers.



ELEXON's Response to Ofgem's Energy Companies Obligations consultation  [19.5 Kb]

DECC consultation on Stage 1 of the Smart Energy Code [Closed]

  • Issue Date: 8 November 2012
  • Response Date: 3 January 2013


This consultation sets out the Government’s conclusions following responses to the consultation in April 2012 on the proposed rights and obligations to be contained in the Smart Energy Code (SEC). It also sets out and seeks views on the draft legal text that will constitute the first stage of the SEC. There are additional specific questions to which readers are invited to respond relating to the initial establishment of the SEC and its governance in the transitional period.


ELEXON’s response to DECC consultation on Stage 1 of the Smart Energy Code  [114.0 Kb]

European Commission consultation: Stakeholder Consultation on the Implementation of a Data and Transaction Reporting Framework for Wholesale Energy Markets [Closed]

  • Issue Date: 14 September 2012
  • Response Date: 7 December 2012


ELEXON’s response to the above European Commission consultation.  The consultation covers transaction reporting under the European Regulation REMIT, which will, in due course, include the reporting of Balancing Mechanism Bid-Offer Acceptances.


ELEXONs response to REMIT transaction reporting consultaion  [126.1 Kb]

DECC’s consultation on the second version of the Smart Metering Technical Specifications (SMETS) [Closed]

  • Issue Date: 13 August 2012
  • Response Date: 8 October 2012


ELEXON has provided a response to the DECC consultation on SMETS2. Our answers centre on the management of metering requirements and delivering a centralised industry assurance regime, and the lessons we have learned in doing so.


ELEXON's response  [87.7 Kb]