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BSC Operations Headline Reports

The report provides commentary on BSC market operation, identifying key events and reporting on important data that may impact BSC Parties. It is produced on a monthly basis and covers the data from the two previous months and is based on a combination of latest and best available data.

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Content list

  • Feature on Defaulting of Teleswitch Files in Settlement
  • Feature on Credit Assessment Price Decreases to £47/Mwh
  • Regular article on Energy Balancing Volumes
  • Regular article on Trading Charges
  • Regular article on System Prices for the month

Defaulting of Teleswitch Files in Settlement

A communications issue with the Central Teleswitch Control Unit (CTCU) occurred on Monday 26 February. The CTCU enables Non Half Hourly metered customers to have their electricity load switched, primarily for the management of off-peak tariffs and the control of night storage heaters. This outage remains ongoing at the time of publication, with no timescale for a fix.

Switching instructions within the D0277 ‘Teleswitch Contact Interval Data File’ for Monday 26 February were deemed valid and used in Settlement.

From Tuesday 27 February to Monday 5 March 2018, the Supplier Volume Allocation Agent in accordance with BSCP508, and in agreement with ELEXON, have defaulted the missing Teleswitch files to the most appropriate Teleswitch file to run the Daily Profiling Production.

ELEXON will continue to send out circulars to industry regarding the defaulting of Teleswitch data, and inform industry when this issue has been fixed.

Credit Assessment Price Decreases to £47/Mwh

Following industry consultation, the Credit Assessment Price (CAP) has decreased from £55/MWh to £47/MWh, effective from 6 March 2018. The trigger level remains at +/-£6/MWh. As the consultation respondents and Credit Committee members did not disagree with the proposed CAP value of £47/MWh, no Credit Committee meeting was held.

CAP, Reference Price and 30 day average System Prices

Graph showing Indebtedness Error and Exposure

The CAP is changed when forward market prices1, used to calculate a reference price, move outside a specified trigger level. The reference price breached the lower trigger level of £49/MWh on 5 February 2018, which was the first breach since August 2017.

CAP is considered a proxy for out-turn System Prices and is used in the Credit Cover calculation. BSC Parties may see a change in their Credit Cover Percentage following this change.

Full list of reports

The BSC Operations Headline Report is produced on a monthly basis for the BSC Panel meetings, and is circulated to the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) as well as being published on the ELEXON website.

Please note that the reporting months are the two prior to the current month, based on a combination of latest and best available data.