BSC Operations Headline Reports

The report provides commentary on BSC market operation, identifying key events and reporting on important data that may impact BSC Parties. It is produced on a monthly basis and covers the data from the two previous months and is based on a combination of latest and best available data.

Latest report

Headline report March-April 2019

Content list

  • Generation/demand capacity update
  • Spike in flagged balancing actions in mid-April 2019
  • System prices in April
  • Longest continuous period with no coal generation
  • Balancing mechanism volumes in March
  • Trading charges in March

Feature articles

Longest continuous period with no coal generation

Between 22:30 on 18 April 2019 and 17:00 on 22 April 2019, no generation in Great Britain came from coal-fired power stations.

This 90.5 hours without coal is the longest continuous period without coal generation ever. During this period, power was generated mainly from gas sources (47%) with the rest made up of nuclear (26%) and wind generation (13%).




Spike in flagged balancing actions in mid-April 2019

The number of Flagged balancing actions spiked in mid-April, with an average of 49% of all actions Flagged on 13, 14 and 15 April 2019. Of these, 87% went on to become Second Stage Flagged. Across these three days, 13,314 balancing actions were taken; 40% were Buy actions and 60% were Sell actions.

P359 generation/demand capacity update 

At the beginning of the BSC Season Spring 2019, BSC Modification P359: ‘Mechanised process for GC/DC declarations’ was implemented (28 February 2019). The Modification automatically re-declares a replacement GC/DC value if a BMU breaches it’s existing GC/DC level. The replacement GC/DC value is based on the most positive (for GC) or negative (for DC) Metered Volumes, from either the current BSC Season or last years corresponding BSC Season, whichever is greater.

Since the implementation of P359, there have been 237 BMUs identified as breaching their GC/DC values. These are displayed in the graph below, split across the four breach monitoring runs that have been performed (as at 30 April 2019). Of the 13 appeals to date, all have been upheld in favour of the Party.


Full list of reports

The BSC Operations Headline Report is produced on a monthly basis for the BSC Panel meetings, and is circulated to the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) as well as being published on the ELEXON website.

Please note that the reporting months are the two prior to the current month, based on a combination of latest and best available data.


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