Commercial Management and Procurement

The Commercial Management & Procurement team help to achieve ELEXON’s mission to provide value for money for the electricity industry. The team provide commercial and contractual support and guidance for BSC Agents and service providers, whilst also managing the delivery of procurements in accordance with our Procurement Policy.

ELEXON’s commercial aims are to:

  • Deliver value for money;
  • Establish robust commercial relationships with suppliers;
  • Secure innovation that delivers tangible benefit to the industry;
  • Adhere to commercial best practice; and
  • Be commercial in thought and deed.

If you have any questions about our activities or would like to discuss opportunities to supply to ELEXON, please email

Current Procurements

We are looking to conduct the following tenders in 2014/15:

  • Retendering of the building maintenance and engineering contract in Q3 of 2014
  • Procurement of ELEXON’s central IT systems in Q2 of 2015

Latest Awards

  • The office cleaning contract awarded to Peartree Cleaning
  • The HR solution contract awarded to Access HR
  • Feed-in-tariff (FiT) Contract for Difference (CfD) and Capacity Market (CM) System to support the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) programme to Steria
  • Business Process Reporting (BPR) to Hitachi Consulting

We will continue to post information about any upcoming procurements.

Please contact for further information.