BSC Panel Election 2020 – meet the candidates

The candidates have been announced for 2020’s BSC Panel Election process

Five Industry Panel Members will make up the BSC Panel for a two-year period from 1 October 2020. ELEXON will oversee the election process, which takes place from June until September, when the current Panel Members’ term will expire.

Candidates standing in the 2020 Election

The following candidates have been nominated to stand in the 2020 Industry Panel Member Election. In accordance with BSC Annex B-2 2.2.2, the candidates identified below wished to highlight the following affiliations (i.e. companies with which they have a relationship):


Nominated By


Andrew Colley

Garth Graham, SSE Generation Ltd

SSE plc.

Lisa Waters

Ian Graves, PeakGen Top Co.Ltd

Waters Wye Associates

Mark Bellman

David Foster, ScottishPower


Nik Vyas

Kevin Koonjah, Symbio Energy Limited

Symbio Energy Limited

Rhys Kealley

Kevin Woollard, British Gas Trading Limited

British Gas Trading Limited

Thomas Edwards

Robert Sherwood, Limejump Energy Limited

Cornwall Insight

You can view the list of the candidates 2020 BSC Panel Election biographies.


Individual Trading Parties and lead Trading Parties for Trading Party Groups may submit their votes for candidates for the BSC Panel by Friday 28 August, 5pm.


We will announce the results of the BSC Panel Election no later than  Friday 11 September  All individual responses will be treated as confidential although the total votes cast for each candidate at each round will be published.


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