Changes to BSC Parties and Qualified Persons: August 2020

This page lists changes to the status of BSC Parties and Qualified Persons in August. It includes information on any accessions, registrations, withdrawals and defaults.

Acceding to the BSC

New Suppliers

  • Castula Energy Ltd (Party ID: CASTULA), as of 3 August
  • Deneba Energy Ltd (Party ID: DENEBA), as of 3 August
  • Dracus Energy Ltd (Party ID: DRACUS), as of 3 August
  • Scorpia Energy Ltd (Party ID: SCORPIA), as of 3 August
  • MACHT Limited (Party ID: MACHTREE), as of 10 August

New Non Physical Traders

  • SCMI Limited (Party ID: SCMI),  as of 3 August
  • Risq Energy Limited (Party ID: RISQ),  as of 3 August

CVA Qualification and registration

New Non Physical Traders

  • Energetech Trading DMCC [Party ID:ENERGETE], as of 3 August
  • Ardent Energy Trading Limited [Party ID: ARDENT], as of 12 August. Ardent have also registered as an ECVNA

New Interconnectors

  • Nordic Energy House Aps [Party ID: NEH], as of 17 August

Withdrawals from the BSC

  • Bayswater Energy Limited (Party ID: BAYSWATE and Party Agent ID: BAYSWATA) as of 24 August 2020
  • Modo Energy Limited (Party ID: KOMODO) as of 28 August 2020

Default of BSC

The following BSC Parties defaulted as of 28 August:

  • Sutton Bridge Power Generation (company number 02586357, BSC Party ID ‘SUTTBRGE’)
  • Severn Power Limited (company number 05392552, BSC Party ID ‘DONGSVR’)

Resolutions have been made by the BSC Panel under Section H3.2.1 of the Balancing and Settlement Code. 

Provision of a copy of this document to a BSC Party shall constitute notification to that BSC Party of the decisions of the Panel, and shall also constitute notification to that BSC Party of the Default pursuant to BSC H3.2.1(a).

In accordance with the provisions of Section B4.7 of the BSC, an urgent meeting of the Panel was convened at 10:00am on 28 August 2020. 

The Panel noted that the Defaulting Parties is in Default under Section H3.1.1(g)(iv). Section H3.1.1(g)(iv) states that there is a BSC Default where a Defaulting Party has an administrator appointed or a winding-up order made in relation to it.

See full details in the respective circulars:


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