Code Change and Development Group consultation responses published

The Code Change and Development Group (CCDG) has recently consulted on lower-level areas of the Target Operating Model (TOM) design for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) and the changes it believes will be required to Industry Codes.

It received 25 public responses, which you can find on the third link in the ‘related content’ section of right hand side of our CCDG page.

The CCDG is an industry working group which Elexon is chairing and providing with technical leadership to support Ofgem’s Significant Code Review (SCR) on Electricity Settlement Reform. Elexon and the CCDG thank all respondents for taking the time to provide views.

What are the CCDG’s main conclusions from the consultation?

The CCDG is encouraged that the responses confirm that its design work is consistent with the overall TOM and that it has captured all major changes to Industry Codes.

The CCDG’s key conclusions are that it:

  • Will revisit whether any changes are needed to the design or transition approach for its new appointments process, after the Architecture Working Group (AWG) has consulted on its recommended reference architecture (see ‘next steps’ below).
  • Recognises its omission of some TOM data items which will be corrected in the master list included in the AWG’s consultation.
  • Will keep the ability to have Related Meters (MPANs – Meter Point Administration Numbers)
  • Confirms that the TOM will not have a Settlement volume correction process for Erroneous Transfers.
  • Will keep all existing BSC data items until the end of transition to the TOM, after which any no longer needed for Settlement may move to another Industry Code.
  • Notes that Ofgem is leading discussions with the Smart Energy Code and the Data and Communications Company on their technical solution to deliver the TOM.

You can find more information in the CCDG’s Meeting 14 and Meeting 15 Headline Reports here:

What are the next steps?

The CCDG recognises that its work so far is not the complete picture of the TOM and that more details will become clear in:

  • The AWG’s consultation on reference architecture (in Spring 2021).  Sign up to attend our webinar on the AWG consultation on 28 April.
  • The CCDG’s consultation on its transition approach for migrating different types of Meters from the old to the new Settlement arrangements (in Summer 2021).
  • The CCDG’s consultation on the redlined changes to Industry Codes (in 2022).

Ofgem will consider any confidential information provided by respondents as well as comments on areas that fall outside the CCDG’s remit.

The CCDG looks forward to continuing to engage with you over the next year as its work progresses.

How does this fit into Ofgem’s wider MHHS work?

The MHHS TOM is a work stream in Ofgem’s wider SCR on Electricity Settlement Reform. In October 2019, Ofgem gave preliminary approval to the TOM recommended by the Elexon-led Design Working Group (DWG).

Since then, Elexon has been leading two further industry working groups on Ofgem’s behalf to develop more detail on the DWG’s preferred TOM. These groups, the AWG and the CCDG, make recommendations to Ofgem for decision.


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