COVID-19: Estimation derogations to continue until further notice

Supplier estimation derogations will continue until further notice. The derogations will be reviewed at April’s Performance Assurance Board (PAB) meeting, taking into consideration feedback from the industry.

If there’s evidence the derogations are no longer required, a three-month notice period will be issued.

Derogations were introduced to enable Suppliers to instruct their agents to process estimates that better reflected consumption during a lockdown period.

Long Term Vacant and Site Inspection

Derogations for Site Visits and the approach to Long Term Vacant (LTV) will be resumed. However, the PAB stressed that every effort is taken to undertake these processes where they can be completed safely.

Updated Guidance Notes

The relevant Supplier estimation Guidance Notes have been updated to reflect the continuing derogations:

Background to the derogations

Estimation derogations were introduced during the first lockdown in March 2020. The derogations were due to end in 31 December 2020, but this was suspended after the second national lockdown was announced.

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