COVID-19: Managing changes to the Balancing and Settlement Code

At its monthly meeting on 9 April, the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Panel agreed a set of principles for Elexon to work to, when progressing changes to the code while the industry manages the impact of COVID-19.

Changes to the BSC (and its subsidiary documents) will continue to be progressed, but will be prioritised based on whether the change:

  • Is required to mitigate risks and issues caused by COVID-19
  • Is required to be implemented by a fixed deadline, and
  • Has minimal impact on market participants, unless required for the previous two points.

See details on the impacts of this agreed approach on BSC changes

The Panel recognises and agreed to these steps because the COVID-19 situation is challenging and unprecedented for market participants, and that it has resulted in significant operational challenges and changes to the way that they run their business.

Modification and Issue Workgroups

Workgroups will continue, unless (or until) Members report that they cannot attend meetings.

Since the Government’s lockdown was introduced, we have not experienced any impacts or issues from running Workgroups or from Workgroup Members. Elexon remains able and willing to support the progression of change.

Change consultations

Some will be issued in line with the three principles above, but most will be delayed.

The Panel agreed in principle (and subject to the points above) to delay consultations where the change is likely to have significant impacts on market participants.

New changes

The Panel agreed that any changes raised from 9 April should not be progressed until further notice where they are likely to have significant impacts on participants.

The exception to this will be where proposals have been raised to mitigate risks and issues caused by COVID-19, or to meet fixed deadlines.

Changes and other information

The Panel has reviewed the current pipeline of:

  • In-flight changes (where proposals have been raised, but have not yet been decided on)
  • Changes waiting to be implemented
  • Changes that are expected to be raised

The Panel and Elexon will monitor the situation and keep this approach under review. The Panel are due to review this approach on 11 June 2020. They also welcome any feedback you may have on this approach. 


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