Deadline approaching: Submission of GC/DC values for Winter 2021

The Winter BSC Season starts on Wednesday 1 December and the deadline is approaching for Parties to submit their Generation Capacity (GC) and a Demand Capacity (DC). There are two different ways you can submit these values. If you use Elexon Kinnect, the final deadline for submitting GC/DC values via the Customer Solution is 17:00 on Friday 12 November. If you are submitting the values by the BSCP15/4.3 form, the deadline for submission is 17:00 on Wednesday 17 November.

What is a GC/DC value?

Each BM Unit has a Generation Capacity (GC) and a Demand Capacity (DC). This is the maximum expected net Generation and Demand for that BM Unit in the current BSC Season. These values are declared seasonally. Parties can make resubmissions during the Season if they breach these declared values.

GC/DC is used to calculate whether a BM Unit is a Production (P) or a Consumption (C) BM Unit, which determines which Energy Account that BM Unit’s Metered Volumes are allocated to. If BM Units form a Trading Unit, the GC/DC values are used to determine the P/C Flag for all the BM Units in the Trading Unit. For most BM Units, GC/DC is also used with Credit Assessment Load Factor (CALF) in the Energy Indebtedness calculation until II data is available.

More information on GC/DC values can be found on the GC/DC webpage.

Submitting GC/DC values via Elexon Kinnect

Since the launch of the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution, Category A Authorised Signatories, or customers who have been set up on the system by their company’s Category A Authorised Signatory, can now submit and manage their GC/DC values on the platform, via the Manage QMijs screen.

Please note that the final date for submitting GC/DC values via the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution is 17:00 on Friday 12 November.

Submitting GC/DC values via the BSCP15/4.3 form

Alternatively, if you are not set up on Elexon Kinnect yet, you can submit values using Form BSCP15/4.3 signed by a Category A or F Authorised Signatory (see BSCP38 ‘Authorisations’ for information on Signatories). You need to send the values to the Central Registration Agent (CRA) no later than 17:00 on Wednesday 17 November. Please ensure the values are consistent with the energy units (MW or MWh) for the relevant column of the form.

Can I change my GC/DC values?

Parties can still change their values with a mid-Season re-submission, but you will only be able to increase the values in magnitude, except for Supplier BM Units, where it is possible to decrease the magnitude of the DC value.


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