Do you need support to prepare for Asset Metering (Modification P375)?

On 30 June 2022, Elexon will implement Modification P375 ‘Settlement of Secondary BM Units using metering behind the site Boundary Point‘.  This is a major change to the Wholesale Electricity Trading Arrangements, which supports Net Zero by creating more opportunities for smaller asset owners to provide balancing services.  

Webinar on the changes

If your company is planning to use Asset Metering or provide one of the new Asset Metering roles, we can help you prepare. 

Please watch our recorded webinar where we explain the new processes, the Qualification process for the new BSC roles created through P375, and the plans for testing the changes before they go live (between 6 and 17 of June).  

The webpage for the recording has a list of the areas that the webinar covered, and a copy of the slides used, if you do not have time to watch all of the recording. 

FAQs about the Industry testing for P375 

We have also published answers to questions from market participants about industry testing. 

Need to know more? We are here to help 

If you have watched the webinar, or looked at the information on the links above, and have any questions about the reforms, the registration process and the testing regime, please email us at [email protected] by close of play on 13 May. 

Based on feedback we receive, we may decide to host further webinars, so that we can support your development and testing of the new Asset Metering processes.  

P375 guidance notes 

We have published guidance notes on some of the key areas of the Asset Metering solution to help Parties that wanted an early sight of Asset Metering related processes. 

In addition to P375, there are a number of other changes included in the June 2022 Release. Find out more on the June 2022 Release webpage. 

More background information 


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