Balancing and Settlement Code for Dummies launches

Elexon has worked with publisher, Wiley to launch a new book ‘The Balancing and Settlement Code for Dummies’ which provides a simple overview of the BSC and wholesale electricity market arrangements. This is a first for any energy code administrator, 

Wiley’s well-known series of ‘for Dummies’ books are a popular set of guides that help people learn about a range of topics. This new book is aimed at people who have either just started a new role with a company that operates in the wholesale electricity market, or are interested in the energy sector.

“A simple overview”

CEO, Mark Bygraves, said: “The BSC plays a vital role in making sure that the wholesale electricity market runs smoothly. The code and its subsidiary documents make up the set of detailed rules that allow the market to function properly, and for BSC Parties’ costs to be accurate. The new book is a great way for people to get a simple overview of these arrangements and how the BSC works.

“An important part of our work involves offering support and training on the BSC to people who work for energy companies. The book is a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn about the code, or has an interest in the wholesale electricity market.”

The Balancing and Settlement Code for Dummies includes information on:

  • How the BSC originated and which electricity companies (including Suppliers and Generators) have to meet the BSC rules
  • How electricity supply and demand is forecast and how the electricity Settlement process works
  • What Elexon does to help the change process for BSC rules, which improves the code and supports innovation, and development of a smarter electricity system on the road to net zero

Read more about the BSC for Dummies Guide


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