Elexon to partner with Icebreaker One to provide Net Zero data

Elexon will be joining forces with industry not-for-profit Icebreaker One as part of their government-supported Open Energy programme, which seeks to revolutionise the way data is shared across the energy sector to make sure the UK achieves its Net Zero goals. 

Proof of concept project

A proof of concept project between the two organisations has already been completed, which has integrated ten data sets from the new Elexon Kinnect Insights Solution with Icebreaker’s Open Energy service 

The available data initially includes open data sets that provide a forward view of electricity availability from generation and interconnector capacity and historic views of the electricity generation fuel mix.

Data consumers can build a picture of where GB electricity has (and will be) coming from using the data sets exposed on the platform.  

Sharing data and knowledge

Now that the integration has been established, Elexon plans to make more data available on the Open Energy platform as development of the Kinnect Insights Solution progresses.

This will potentially include some shared data sets, which Elexon will manage through the Icebreaker One Trust Framework that enables secure access control. 

In addition to providing essential market data, Elexon will also offer its expertise to companies and innovators working with Icebreaker One, helping them understand and make use of Elexon’s wealth of data on the wholesale electricity market as they develop new products and services. 

Peter Stanley, Director of Digital Operations at Elexon, said:

As the energy industry evolves and develops new products, systems and services to meet net zero targets, we will all increasingly rely on data and data insights. This will mean higher volumes of data running through industry systems, and more market participants interacting with the data. It’s essential that this data is both open and securely managed, in order to facilitate the levels of innovation and change that the industry needs. 

Elexon joins other key industry organisations whose data is already indexed with Open Energy, including SSE, Western Power Distribution, and National Grid ESO.  

Kinnect Insights Solution


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