New arrangements for radio teleswitch service solution

Elexon has agreed contractual arrangements with Energy Networks Association (ENA) to allow operational cost recovery for the radio teleswitch service (RTS) within the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) charging arrangements from 1 April 2020.

Radio teleswitch meters allow consumers to take advantage of cheaper electricity prices for their electricity storage or water heaters, mostly at night time when demand for electricity from the network is lower.

Distribution System Operators (DSOs) have been paying for the operating costs for the radio teleswitching arrangements via ENA and have been in discussions with electricity suppliers about the funding of the RTS service once the current funding with ENA ends in March 2020.

Elexon worked proactively with industry to find a solution

After being informed that RTS operational cost recovery arrangements were not confirmed from April 2020, Elexon convened the BSC Issue 84 Workgroup to develop a new solution with industry participants.

The Workgroup agreed with the view that these costs could be included within the BSC charging arrangements, and that this could be achieved by amending a contract between Elexon and the ENA for the provision of data.

The solution was agreed in under two months and supported by the BSC Panel in September 2019.

More information about BSC Issue 84

Further background information, including the Issue Report detailing the solution for recovering RTS operational costs is available on the Issue 84 webpage.

Update from Energy UK

Energy UK has published an update on the future of RTS arrangements for its members. Should you have any questions about their update please contact [email protected].


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