Final Elexon business plan for 2021/22 published

Elexon has published the final version of its business plan for 2021/22, following feedback from the BSC Panel and BSC Parties. We thank everyone that provided feedback on the plan. Elexon’s board discussed this in detail at its February 2021 meeting. The feedback was also presented to the BSC Panel at its February meeting.

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What’s in the business plan?

The plan sets out how we will continue to manage our services to high standards while delivering the BSC rule changes needed to help support net zero.

You can read about some of the key highlights from the plan below. The business plan 2021/22 is also available to download in full.

What’s new since the December 2020 version of the plan?

Each December we publish our business plan and ask for feedback. We then update the plan before the end of the following March.

The updates we have made to the 2021/22 plan since it was published in December 2020 include:

  • Referencing our new corporate purpose ‘Serving at the heart of the energy industry, building a path to net zero’
  • Providing further explanations about the need to replace ageing BSC Central Systems with our new digital platform – Elexon Kinnect
  • Confirming that (in response to the feedback) we will consider alternatives for our funding arrangements which could allow Elexon to retain unused balances from one year, to use the following year. We will gauge industry’s appetite for this before suggesting any changes.
  • Explaining that Ofgem has proposed that Elexon delivers the Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) programme manager role.

Our work priorities for 2021/22

In 2020/21 demand for our services increased as we served more BSC Parties and progressed more BSC Modifications. All the indications show this increasing demand will continue into 2021/22. Our business plan sets out a range of key activities during 2021/22.

They include:

  • Progressing delivery of Elexon Kinnect
  • Progressing Modifications which have potential to open up new markets and support new business models
  • Supporting implementation of regulatory initiatives such as Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review, which involves overseeing the introduction of a much larger Market Domain Data (MDD) set
  • Making the case to the Government and Ofgem for reforming the System Operator roles and consolidating the energy codes in tandem
  • Continuing to lead industry preparation for MHHS
  • Supporting innovators through the BSC Sandbox (where companies can trial concepts without having to meet the usual BSC rules)
  • Making it easier for customers to interact with the BSC by progressing work to digitise code documents
  • Continuing to deepen our relationship with our customers, and our understanding of their needs. This includes further developing our website and digital resources

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Our priorities and the products we deliver for customers:

  • Settlement & Invoicing 
  • Analysis & Insight
  • Rules Management
  • Assurance
  • Customer Solution

Elexon Kinnect

Key year for delivery

Our business plan highlights that the coming year will be key for delivering Elexon Kinnect, our new cloud-based digital platform. Kinnect is flexible and scalable, so that we will be able to offer swifter support for net zero progress by implementing BSC rule changes more quickly.

The new platform will also allow us to provide speedier support to innovators from existing companies and new entrants.

Kinnect Customer Solution now available

In January we launched the Customer Solution component of Kinnect, which will digitalise the market entry processes, do away with cumbersome form filling, and make it far easier for all our customers to digitally manage their BSC accounts online. We have received good feedback from Parties so far and we are further developing the solution and its functionality.

Customer Solution

Watch our video which explains the Customer Solution and the benefits it offers to BSC Parties .

More on Elexon Kinnect


We have published the recording of the business plan webinar we held on 12 January to help you get a quick overview.

BSC Panel response

The BSC Panel are supportive of the business plan for 2021/22. Read their response in full.

Next steps

Responses to the plan will be reviewed by Elexon’s board, and following this we will publish a final version by the end of March 2021.


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