GB participation in TERRE delayed until 2021

National Grid ESO (NGESO) have announced that it is now not possible to facilitate GB participation in the Replacement Reserve (RR) market for the Trans-European RR Exchange (TERRE) before the end of 2020.

European platforms and GB withdrawal from the EU

Questions have been asked regarding cross border arrangements, especially RR, after the end of Transitional Arrangements with the European Union (EU) on 31 December 2020. 

The European Commission (EC) has responded explaining that because of the new regulatory environment from 1 January 2021, the UK:

  • will become a ‘third country’ outside the Single Market
  • will not be allowed to participate directly on dedicated European platforms
  • will still be able to conduct energy trading with EU countries via interconnectors

Current delays

TERRE going live has experienced some delays already, including Ofgem agreeing to delay participating in the GB Go-Live from June until the end of October. Other delays include:

  • COVID-19 pandemic creating resourcing challenges
  • challenges with planned changes and maintenance to NGESO core control systems
  • consequential impact on the planned release and Go-Live of our Application Programme Interface (API) for Wider Access (WA) to the GB BM. This was intended for July, but is now scheduled for September

NGESO continuing with GB preparations 

National Grid have said:

NGESO Is continuing to prioritise work to ensure that we deliver our commitments as far as possible. These have not changed during the transition period of GB withdrawal from the EU.

We are continuing to consult with Ofgem and BEIS, concerning the manner in which NGESO will be able to facilitate participation in RR by GB energy providers, and the appropriate timescale for executing GB Go-Live.



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