GSP Group _A metering issue resolved

A metering issue that caused the submission of incorrect metering data in GSP Group A has been fixed, we can confirm. 

The incorrect data resulted in a Settlement Error leading to the need for significant reconciliation sums.

An investigation was undertaken when we reported of the metering error in GSP Group_A back in December. 

Damaged meter not recording consumption

The investigation found that during the work carried out at a Grid Supply Point (GSP), on behalf of a Licenced Distribution System Operator and the Transmission System Operator (TSO), to replace one of the three Super Grid Transformers (SGTs), a Meter for one of the other SGTs was damaged.

As a result, the damaged Meter had not been recording consumption. The overall impact was that the total volumes of the GSP had been under-recording by approximately one third since July 2019.

Addressing adjustments

The gross correction in Settlement associated with the issue is approximately £28m and most of this correction will be achieved via adjustments of Supplier and Generator volumes in the normal Settlement Reconciliation Runs from February to August 2021.

In line with Settlement principles some Parties will receive sums as a result of the reconciliation and others will need to pay, reflecting historic over, or under charging based on the previously incorrect data. We have been contacting impacted Parties to explain these adjustments. Additionally, a Trading Dispute has been raised, which equates to approximately £12m of the total gross amount. Trading Disputes provide a mechanism for correcting Settlement, which cannot be corrected via normal Settlement Reconciliation Runs.

Lessons learned

Elexon has proposed a full lessons learned exercise and the BSC Panel’s Performance Assurance Board (PAB) has endorsed this. The exercise will:
  • Assess the root cause(s) in detail
  • Consider whether any remedial actions are needed
  • Re-assess the associated Settlement Risk in light of the metering issue
  • Investigate revisions to technique deployment to prevent re-occurrence
  • Report back to PAB and the industry on the findings

We will provide more information on progress of the lessons learnt exercise when this is available.


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