Have your say: Changing the PAB Settlement performance management approach

Elexon has recently obtained feedback from Suppliers that the current Settlement monitoring approach may act as a disincentive for Suppliers to move sites to elective Half Hourly (HH) Settlement in preparation for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS). This is because moving ‘good’ performing sites to HH Settlement may reduce the performance of their remaining Non Half Hourly portfolio.

The Performance Assurance Board (PAB) have agreed to Elexon’s recommendation to combine Non Half Hourly (NHH) volumes (Measurement Class A) with elective HH domestic volumes (Measurement Class F), and monitor this combined total against a standard of 97% of energy settled on AAs or Actuals at the final reconciliation run (RF), subject to the consideration of feedback from Suppliers and a parallel running activity.

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We are asking Suppliers to tell us their thoughts by 17:00 on Friday 29 July using the below survey.

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Full details of the approach, the proposed implementation timetable and a link to the PAB paper discussed by the committee is available on the Monitoring the Settlement performance standards page.


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