Have your say on Metering shortages and supply chain issues

Elexon has been monitoring the on-going impacts of component shortages and supply chain challenges which are impacting on the availability of electricity Meters and related equipment. To help us understand the extent of these challenges, we have created a short survey to assess the impact on the industry.

What information does the survey require?

The survey will take roughly two minutes to complete, and asks you to note whether in February 2022 your organisation has seen a high, medium, low or no impact concerning:

  • Metering shortages
  • Supply chain challenges affecting equipment
  • Supply chain challenges affecting activity in the month.

The survey also asks you to note your forecast for those impacts over the next three, six and twelve months.

If your organisation is not involved in one of more of the equipment or activity categories please answer “N/A” rather than “No Impact”.

What will the information be used for?

We will use this information to help us understand the extent of the challenges faced by Parties, inform engagement decisions with BEIS and Ofgem and help us to make decisions about BSC Assurance activities.

An anonymised summary of the responses by role will be shared with the Issue 97 Workgroup and the Performance Assurance Board. No participant level data will be shared outside of Elexon and will be treated as strictly confidential and commercially sensitive.

We do not intend to take any Performance Assurance Determinations off the back of this information so please answer honestly. We will however use these responses to determine what measures are appropriate to support industry in managing these challenges and to mitigate the overall risk to Settlement and industry, including but not limited to relaxing requirements and existing Assurance measures.

How to respond

Parties have until 16:00 on Thursday 3 March to respond, however we urge participants to respond as soon as possible.


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