Help us examine Trading Disputes and Manifest Errors

We have a number of vacancies available for Industry Members on the Trading Disputes Committee (TDC). Join the TDC and help us examine Trading Disputes, participate in the Modification process and decide on Manifest Error claims.

What’s involved

The TDC is a Panel Committee which carries out certain BSC Panel’s powers under delegated responsibility. Its primary role is to ensure that all Trading Disputes and Manifest Errors are resolved so that errors are corrected and the integrity of Settlement maintained.

Committee members undertake the following:

  • Investigate and resolve all Trading Disputes
  • Monitor the operation of, and recommend Modifications to, the BSC Procedures which support the Dispute processes
  • Recommend Modification or Change Proposals to the BSC Panel arising from TDC activities
  • Rule on claims of Manifest Error, determining the replacement bid/offer prices in such circumstances, and considering any claims for compensation

The TDC meets on a monthly basis and member will need to make themselves available at all reasonable times to attend meetings and to carry out their duties and functions.

Committee members are required to:

  • Act impartially as an independent expert and not on behalf of any particular interests
  • Agree not to disclose any confidential information that they may encounter as part of their role

More about the Committee

You can find more information about the TDC (including its current membership, full Terms of Reference and past papers) on the TDC web page.

How to apply

If you want to volunteer to be a member of the Trading Disputes Committee please complete the application form setting out your relevant experience/expertise for the Committee(s) you are applying for.

Committee members need to be nominated by a BSC Trading Party who is, but does not need to be, their employer. Members will need to have their employer’s agreement to act as a committee member or, when agreement has been obtain from the Committee Chairman, as an alternative representative to the committee member (an alternate).

Please complete and submit the form below, ensuring that you have answered all required fields (*).

If applying for membership of a committee please  attach a copy of your CV, for becoming a member of our workgroup please enter experience.

Volunteering for Groups and Committees

  • Personal Details

  • Please list relevant experience, e.g. metering, stage 2 settlement, etc
  • Work History

    Please attach cv or enter current and previous responsibilities

  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf, Max. file size: 12 MB.
  • Groups and Committees

    Please select any you wish to volunteer for by selecting from the checkboxes below

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