Increased functionality added to Digital Code site

Elexon is always working towards improvements to the customer experience of our services and the Digital Code is a key part of what customers can access. We have been working on new functionality which we think will really help our customers when they are using this site. 

Feedback pop-up  

We are keen to get a wider range of views and feedback on how you interact with the Digital Code. The aim of this is to provide the opportunity for customers to give instant feedback without needing to sign up to dedicated user groups. 

We have introduced a new pop-up screen that will be displayed on Digital Code pages approximately two minutes after you’ve accessed the content. You can add a star rating to show how likely you would recommend the Digital Code to a friend or colleague, provide your email (optional) and any text-based improvements or suggestions you’d like to, before clicking the blue ‘submit’ button in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Alternatively, if you’d rather not provide feedback, you can use the ‘X’ in the right-hand corner or click away from the screen to make it disappear


Search the content on This Page 

Based on customer feedback, we’ve introduced a ‘search this page’ function to the Digital Code to allow our customers to search the document in an easy and intuitive way rather than having to use keyboard shortcuts. 

When viewing a document, the Digital Code search bar will change to show the text ‘Search on this page’ to indicate that you are able to search the current document in view. Here you can enter your search term and see the results for that document only. 

The search bar will look the same and be in the same place, but with the text changed from ‘Search in BSC Digital Code’ to ‘Search on this page’ 


Highlighting your search terms 

When searching for a term on the page, you will be provided with the search results for the current document you’re viewing, and the search terms will be highlighted in each of the sentences it has found.

This will also indicate how many references to that search term have been found in this document (up to a maximum of 20).


Highlighting search terms on the page 

To further improve the search experience, we’ve introduced a text highlight to make it clear where your search term is on the page. This will work when navigating to documents using the ‘search the BSC digital code’ as well as using the new ‘search this page’ function. 

When using search across the whole digital code or using the search this page option, you will be presented with the list of results based on your chosen search term. Once you have chosen the search result you want to read in more detail, the search term which was previously bold in the results, will be highlighted on the corresponding page in yellow. It will also have scrolled down  to the location of that term. 

The text will be highlighted in yellow to ensure that the search results are visible and support your navigation through the text. 


Future developments

In our next development release, we are working on the following features: 

  • Scroll to top – Helping you get back to the top of a page  
  • New content  –  Data Integration Platform (DIP) and the Network Compensation Charges (NCC) scheme documents to be added on the Digital Code site 
  • Defined Terms – To be able to display custom terms for sets of documents that may not use the glossary of the BSC (currently found in Section X-1 and X-2). This is important where new documents supporting the DIP or the NCC Scheme may have different definitions to those in the BSC, so you can still view the definitions to help understand the text you are viewing 

Get involved

You can also sign up to become a member of our User Group. This is a chance for you to provide your insights and suggestions for improvements to the Digital Code. 


Click on the X next to any of the icons to replace them with a short-cut link to the page you are currently on or search for a specific page.