Kinnect Customer Solution: New Account Management features from 20 June 2022

We have been working on changes to the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution which delivers functional enhancements to the contacts, authorised signatories, addresses and bank details elements of the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution. These changes are usable from 20 June 2022 and provide benefits for existing customers and new market entrants.

For existing customers

Registration of new contacts

The Registration of new contacts has been redesigned with rationalised fields and relationships enabling Customers to manage contact details and their types more flexibly.

Authorised signatories and their relevant authorisation levels are now dynamically managed from within the form when required with ease.

Customers are now able to utilise their primary contact account to access the various organisation and contact details they represent.

“My contacts” information

The “My contacts” page links directly to a new “View or amend contacts” page. Assistants will only be able to view pending approval and approved records, control buttons being dynamically displayed based on the Users role and the status of the changes in the page.

Contacts can be converted to authorised signatories and granted all or a selection of authorisation levels with varying start dates through a dynamically displayed table when the authorised signatory checkbox is selected.

New options have been provided to delete (hard delete after 28 months) or end date Contacts and Authorised Signatories.

A Register New Authorised Signatories page has been designed enabling quick completion of contact / communication details.

Trading and BSC charges information

New tiles and pages have been designed to allow users to easily manage their Trading and BSC Charges bank details together with the relevant contacts and addresses outside of the market entry process.

For new market entrants

The Market Entry business process, associated tiles and forms have been redesigned to provide an enhanced user interface and optimised to deliver an improved workflow.

Accession stage

The Accession stage, has been reduced to three pages with search facilities to select existing Organisation addresses and contacts, and handy pop-ups to add new ones.

Existing restrictions on contact types have been removed and they will now be automatically added as required removing the need for duplicates.

Organisation contacts can now be associated with multiple organisations, enabling BSC Parties to utilise agents who operate for multiple parties.

Trading and BSC charges information

Data items related to the completion of both Trading and BSC charges Bank details, addresses and contacts have been moved to a new tile completed after Accession. Each page can be saved as draft enabling completion over a period of time suitable to the assistant user.

Authorised Signatories

The Authorised Signatories page has been redesigned and is dynamically presented based on the user, their authorisation / status and where they are in the Market Entry process.

Credit Default contacts and Bank Details

The new “Register BSC and Trading Charges Details” tile allows Credit Default contacts and Bank Details to be completed after they have registered their Authorised Signatories.

FAQs on this release

Keep up-to-date on Customer Solution developments

The Kinnect Customer Solution will continually evolve to introduce further functionality and options to the service. These developments are based on industry requirements as well as on customer feedback.

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