Latest Market Domain Data Circulars: January 2022

We issue two Circulars during each Market Domain Data (MDD) Release. These are: Impact Assessment Circulars that informs you of the proposed changes to be included in the next Version of MDD; and a Final Circular that confirms the changes being committed to the next Version of MDD.

Latest Circular

On 12 January 2022, we published MDD Circular 00760.

MDD Circular 00760 details the proposed MDD changes to be included in the release of MDD Version 320, and invites Market Participants to perform an impact assessment on these.

Previous Circular

On 11 January 2022 we published MDD Circular 00759.

MDD Circular 00759 details the routine changes approved for inclusion in the release of MDD Version 319.

All MDD Circulars

Market Domain Data (MDD) Circulars are sent out in accordance with BSCP509 ‘Changes to Market Domain Data’. Circulars are sent to Market Participants. See a list of previous circulars using the link below.


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