Metering error in GSP Group_A being investigated

Elexon has identified an issue at a Grid Supply Point (GSP) within GSP Group_A (Eastern region), which is causing the Annual Demand Ratio (ADR) for the GSP Group to deviate beyond accepted tolerances within Settlement.

The ADR measures the difference between the total annual profiled Non-Half Hourly (NHH) consumption and the total annual metered NHH consumption.

Investigation into the error

Elexon has been investigating the issue, which we believe is either an installation or configuration problem with the meter. Maintaining Settlement accuracy is of upmost importance to us and we are therefore carrying out an investigation, which includes arranging site visits. We are working with National Grid and the relevant Distribution Network Operator and Meter Operator to get to the root cause of the problem, and identifying what needs to be done to resolve it. 

Adjustments of Suppliers’ volumes

We plan to conclude this investigation early in the New Year, and expect the results to be reflected in the usual way via adjustments of Suppliers’ volumes in future Settlement reconciliation runs. In this case the adjustments are likely to be material (our preliminary estimate is a £25 million adjustment) although we cannot be certain of the scale until the investigation has been concluded. We’ve already raised the issue with the relevant committees.

Previous metering error

There was a different GSP Metering issue in GSP Group_A, which Elexon notified BSC Parties of in April 2020. That issue is now resolved, following our work with the Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA) and the Registrant for the GSP to correct that error.

For more information about this previous issue please contact the Trading Dispute Committee Secretary. 


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