MHHS Programme Governance Framework issued 30 July 2021

Today Elexon, on behalf of the MHHS Programme (Implementation Manager), is publishing a consultation on the details of the proposed MHHS Programme governance framework on the BSC website (in lieu of the MHHS Programme’s website going live).

Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement Programme logoAbout the framework

The MHHS Programme has been developing this governance framework in conjunction with Ofgem to enable effective programme decision making. The objective is to create a high level framework that will evolve to adapt to programme needs over time.

Obtaining your views

The MHHS Programme is therefore seeking views from all MHHS programme participants on the governance framework, before publishing the high level framework in August or September 2021.

Response date

The MHHS Programme requests that all responses are sent to [email protected]

Please respond by Friday 20th August.


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