More electricity market data is now available

As part of the commitment to improving access to electricity market data, we have now made more electricity Settlement data available.

Making more electricity market data available

We have now added data from the CDCA-I029, CDCA-I030 and CDCA-I042 data flows.

We already make a significant amount of data available for free under an open data licence through the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS).  

We have details of data items from the SAA-I014 data flow in csv format, this is to make it easier to do ad hoc analysis.

What are CDCA-I029, CDCA-I030 and CDCA-I042?


CDCA-I029 tells you the energy consumption by each regional Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group in Great Britain. By interpreting this report you can find out where the demand is and when.


CDCA-I030 includes the volume of energy that was metered at each Distribution System Connection Point for each Settlement Run per day. This can be used to determine the areas of demand and generation in the distribution networks and the line losses that can be expected as these are factored into Suppliers’ tariffs. This is essentially the aggregated metering flows report (CDCA I029 above) broken down into specific connection points in the GSP Group.


CDCA-I042 is from the Central Data Collection Agent tells you the Metered Volumes of energy for each BM Unit for each aggregation run per day. This will tell you exactly what each individual BM Unit has consumed or generated, and whether this is an estimated or actual value.

Clear and easy to use data

The datasets we have released on the open Settlement data page have been reformatted into CSV files that can be downloaded in ZIP (compressed) files. We have reformatted the data into a widely recognised open format to make it easy for anyone to open and use the data.

We have also provided descriptions of each data item released to give context to the data. This is to help analysts understand the data they are using.

Using existing data flows

The data flows we send out are in a pipe delimited format (the standard format for energy industry flows). You need to read our interface definition documents to interpret them.

These flows were designed for efficient transfer of data for electricity companies’ operational processes. However, we have had feedback from customers that this format is less helpful when undertaking general analysis of Settlement data.

Tell us your views

We want to improve our provision of data and make more data open. Therefore, if you use the data we are now making available, please let us know your views via email on whether it was useful and what else we can do. 


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