UMS MPANs with 100kW demand to be migrated

Unmetered Supplies (UMS) Metering Point Administration Numbers (MPANs) with a maximum demand over 100kW must be migrated to Half-Hourly (HH) settlement; the proposed deadline for this migration is 1 April 2021.

The decision was made at by the BSC Panel as the Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG) could not reach a unanimous agreement on the recommendations.    

A paper to clarify that the definition of 100kW Metering Systems also includes Unmetered Supplies was initially presented to the SVG.

Updated Operational Information Document  

Following Panel approval, the Unmetered Supplies (UMS) Operational Information Document (OID) has been updated to provide clarification. In particular, the roles of Suppliers and UMSOs in identifying sites with a maximum demand over 100kW and migrating them to Half-Hourly. There is also a new section that provides the calculation rationale for identifying MPANs with a maximum demand over 100kW. These can be found in sections 1.4 and 1.4.1 of the OID.

Notifying Suppliers

A list of approximately 130 MPANs were identified as having a maximum demand over 100kW and were sent to the relevant UMSOs in April 2020. In line with the OID and the Panel’s decision, the UMSOs are responsible for notifying the relevant Supplier and it is the Supplier’s responsibility to migrate these to HH by 1 April 2021.

The migration cannot occur sooner because the Distribution Use of System charging statements currently require that unmetered supplies only transfer from non-half hourly to half hourly on the 1 April in any year. In April 2021 the charging arrangements will change and they can transfer at any time.


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