New Business Plan continues support for industry and Settlement accuracy

Today Elexon has published the final version of its 2020/21 Business Plan. The industry and the BSC Panel previously commented on the plan and these comments are reflected in the final version.

Managing the impact of the Coronavirus

At this time of national emergency our focus is on continuity of our services and supporting our customers during what are expected to be difficult days ahead.

We took an early decision to base all of our staff at home as a means of continuing our service uninterrupted, and to help in efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

However, at the same time we recognise that the priorities for the industry still need to be addressed going forward. We will therefore also be looking at ways to support the market in the challenges in respect of net-zero, while sustaining our services at this difficult time.

Helping the industry meet the net zero target

Our new business plan sets out how the range of services we offer can support the major changes we are seeing in the energy system, and the challenge of meeting the Government’s net zero emissions target.

We will however look to prioritise our work accordingly to react and adapt to the changing circumstances that the industry faces through the coronavirus outbreak.

Elexon Chief Executive, Mark Bygraves, said: “The weeks ahead will be challenging for the energy industry, our customers and colleagues. However, we are here to support our customers and ensure that we continue to deliver our services to the highest standard. We have written to our customers to ask if there as anything further we can do to help them manage the situation.

“Elexon has robust business continuity plans in place for our staff, and with our service providers to ensure that Settlement services should run smoothly in the event of incidents. However,  we will remain vigilant and continue to monitor the situation closely. “


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