New CT Ratios added to CT and VT Valid Set on 31 January 2022

We have recently received a request to add five new Current Transformer (CT) Ratios to the CT and Voltage Transformer (VT) Valid Set.

The new Ratios

  • 6300/5
  • 5300/5
  • 4800/5
  • 5400/5
  • 4400/5

Objection process

If for any reason you have concerns over whether these Ratios should be added, please email the Elexon Metering team ([email protected]) and provide them with your reason as to why the Ratios should not be included.

We will wait 10 Working Days before adding and publishing these new Ratios on the CT and VT Valid Set on the Portal.

If there have been no objections to the addition then, the CT Ratios will be added to the CT and VT Valid Set on the Elexon Portal on 31 January 2022.


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