New TLFA-I014 Data for Summer 2022 on the Elexon Portal

Following the Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group Metering Issues identified in GSP Groups _C and _J, Elexon has looked at further impacts the corrected data could have on Settlement processes.

After completing some additional analysis, we identified that there were some impacts on Transmission Loss Factors (TLFs).  These impacts were small, mostly affecting the Summer 2022 period.

New file created

We have now created a revised TLFA-I014 file of Indicative Transmission Loss Multipliers (TLMs) and Transmission Loss Adjustments (TLMO) for Summer 2022, and uploaded it to the Elexon Portal.

The new file titled “” can be found on the BSC Portal at TLF Determination – BSC Year 2022-23.

Please note that we have removed the previous TLFA-I014 Summer file from the page to avoid any confusion.

We encourage Parties to use these revised indicative TLMO values as part of any normal internal processes to have the most up-to-date information. 

About the file

This file has been created using the same TLFs as previously published, but with the revised TLMO values recalculated to reflect the corrections to metered volumes impacted by GSP_C and _J issues.

Further to this, we have only performed this calculation for the Summer 2022 period; our analysis shows that other periods are not impacted to an extent where a recalculation is worthwhile.

Further advice

As these are Party-level and Party-specific calculations, Elexon unfortunately cannot advise any further on Party-specific impacts caused by these revised values, nor how Parties should utilise them in internal processes.


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