Ofgem’s energy codes satisfaction survey echoes Elexon’s survey results

Elexon achieved an overall satisfaction rating of 76% in the latest survey commissioned by Ofgem to assess the performance of the bodies that manage the 11 energy codes.

Ofgem commissioned an independent company to carry out the survey. It was based on 163 interviews with stakeholders of the six code administrators. Overall, 34 BSC stakeholders were interviewed throughout June and July 2021. The previous code administrators’ survey was carried out in 2019.

Stakeholders highly rate the BSC website and meetings about the code

BSC stakeholders rated highly, with 91% agreeing that it keeps them sufficiently informed of any rule changes, or BSC Modifications. 83% say that information on the site is easy to understand.

There was also a high level of satisfaction (up to 100% in some cases) with meetings or workshops about the BSC, and with the provision of support Elexon offers to its customers.

Improving our communications

However, some BSC stakeholders said they felt less informed about the code than previously, and they want us to be clearer on when our emails are a call to action.  

Similar points were raised in Elexon’s 2021 customer survey, carried out in September and October 2021, which showed that the quality of our communications after the decision point on some BSC changes should be improved.

Findings echo the latest Elexon customer survey

Elexon’s Customer Operations Director, Victoria Moxham, said: “Overall, the findings of Ofgem’s code administrators’ performance survey are a good result for Elexon and they show that satisfaction with our service still remains high.

“The findings echo those of our own customer opinion survey, and we are working to identify how we can improve our communications so that they are clearer, and more tailored to individual customers.”

See the 2021 Code Administrators’ survey findings in full


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