Open Data Requests for BSC Data now available

From 24 June 2021 individuals can request that BSC data is made openly available, regardless of whether or not they are a BSC Party.

Access to open data assists progress to net zero by supporting innovators in developing new products and services.

How requests are processed

The BSC now assumes that all data is open unless there is a reason otherwise. Requests will be put through triaging, industry consultation and committee review by the BMRS Change Board. 

Data requests will be checked against the following criteria: consumer privacy, negative consumer impact, security or commercial impact.

 The data requested will then be classified into one of the following categories:

  • Open – available for all to use, modify and distribute with no restrictions
  • Public – publicly available but with some restrictions on usage
  • Shared – available to a limited group possibly with some restrictions on usage
  • Closed – only available within a single organisation

 If the Panel (or delegated Sub-Committee) determine that there is reason not to make data available, it will be done based on a transparent process of triage and categorisation.

Submit a data request

Releasing data

Following the triaging and classification process, we will issue a consultation to industry for a maximum of 15 working days. The consultation will follow a standard format and shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Initial triage and classification – Elexon initial assessment of the requested data set
  • Proposed mitigation – how Elexon proposes to mitigate the data to make it more open (if applicable) and what the subsequent triage and classification shall be
  • Benefits – what will be the benefits to BSC Parties, wider industry, and/or requester should the requested data be released
  • Impacts – what will be the impacts to BSC Parties, wider industry, and/or requester should the requested data be released
  • Duplication – whether Elexon is aware of similar data sets produced by themselves or other organisations
  • Coupling – whether the data set could be coupled with other data sets (published by Elexon or others) for commercial, nefarious or other purposes
  • Risk – what (if any) will be the risk to Settlement, Elexon and Industry members as applicable
  • Periodicity – whether the data set is proposed to be re-published at given intervals, or as a one-off
  • Review period – how often the BCB should review whether the data set remains extant or whether it will be published in perpetuity to be reviewed by exception
  • Additional information – anything else that the Elexon feels pertinent to allow respondents to make an informed decision
  • Recommendation – Elexon’s initial recommendation to BMRS Change Board

The arrangements to release data will be reviewed at least once every 24 months. Classifications and mitigations of data will also be reviewed at the BMRS (Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service) Change Board or at the BSC Panel’s discretion.

There is no fee for serving data requests associated with the service unless this is requested by the BSC Panel.

Background to the introduction of open data

In June 2019 the Energy Data Task Force, which Elexon was part of, published its report ‘A Strategy for a Modern Digitalised Energy System’. It recommended that the energy sector should ‘adopt the principle that energy system data should be presumed open’ and that BEIS and/or Ofgem should use legislative and regulatory powers to achieve this.

Modification P398 was proposed by the BSC Panel and Elexon further developed the proposal with the industry. Prior to the implementation of P398 the BSC did not fully adhere to ‘presumed open’ principles. Following the implementation of Modification P398 on 24 June 2021, the BSC is now fully compliant. 



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