P114 Dataflow on the Elexon Portal updated to version 11

The version of the SAA-I014 Settlement Report subflow 2 (S0142) published on the Elexon Portal has updated to version 11 since 8 December 2021. Previously version 9 of the S0142 was published on the Elexon Portal.

Changes to version used

The latest version of the S0142 includes new data items introduced in the November 2021 release. This includes more Balancing Services Adjustment Data, providing greater transparency on the actions taken by National Grid ESO to balance the electricity system.

For the full list of data items included in version 11 of the S0142 please refer to the P114 data items

Why has the version changed

When version 11 of the S0142 was introduced by the November 2021 Release on 4 November 2021, National Grid ESO elected to remain on version 9 of the S0142. National Grid ESO has now elected to start receiving version 11 of the S0142 from 8 December 2021.

The version of the S0142, which is one of the P114 files, published on the Elexon Portal depends upon the version of the S0142 that National Grid ESO (NGESO), elects to receive.

Consequently, the S0142 for the II Settlement Run published on the Elexon Portal on 8 December was the first in the new version 11 format.

About this data

P114 files are available for download via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to all Elexon Portal accounts that have a participant ID associated with their account, or have licensed P114 data from Elexon.

If you would like to start receiving this data please make a request through the BSC Service Desk



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