PAB approves changes for monitoring Settlement performance standards

At its May 2022 meeting, the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) undertook a review of its approach to managing the Settlement Performance standard. The PAB has approved two changes to the Settlement Performance Standard.

Reduction to thresholds

Elexon will reduce the thresholds of non-compliant estimation for Suppliers to be considered for entry into the Error and Failure Resolution (EFR) technique to 1,500MWh for the Non Half Hourly (NHH) market and 1,000MWh for the Half Hourly (HH) market.

This will continue the drive to improve industry performance recovery following the pandemic restrictions

Change to performance monitoring

Elexon will change the approach to performance monitoring data used to make EFR decisions.

This will merge NHH (Measurement Class A) performance data with the domestic elective HH (Measurement Class F) volumes.

The combined total volume will then be compared against the obligation to Settle 97% of energy on Actual Readings/AAs at the RF run.

This change is intended to ensure that the PAB monitoring approach does not act as a disincentive to Suppliers that wish to move Metering Systems to elective Half Hourly Settlement.

This change will be subject to a period of industry feedback expected to take place during June and July 2022. There will also be a period of parallel running of the current and potential future approach.

About the PAB

The PAB oversees the BSC Performance Assurance arrangements so that standards are maintained.


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