Performance Assurance product feedback request

We are interested in gathering feedback on our Performance Assurance product from parties within the industry to help analyse and identify areas where we could improve. 

Feedback questions

The questions in our survey are:

  1. How do you find navigating the different Performance Assurance Frameworks (PAF) available within the industry?
  2. How does Elexon’s PAF compare to others available within the industry?
  3. If there are notable differences, what are others doing within their PAF that we are not?
  4. How do you think Elexon’s PAF could change to benefit the industry?

How to respond

Please send feedback to [email protected] by Friday 4 February at 17:00.

2021 customer survey

Please note, that Elexon is still looking into and taking actions on the feedback already provided on the PAF through our 2021 customer survey.


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