Performance Assurance Report 2019/20 published

The latest Annual Performance Assurance Report (APAR) for 2019/20 has been published. The report looks back at notable achievements and delivery within Performance Assurance in the past year.

Improvements and achievements 

During the year, positive progress has been made towards improving:

  • Risk reporting
  • Risk Management
  • engagement with industry parties on Risk issues.

Headline achievements in year include:

  • Overall reduction in Risk Impact, from £290m to £269m
  • Improved Engagement and interaction across Panels and Work Groups
  • Ongoing improvements to Risk Reporting
  • Ongoing improvements to Risk Assessment
  • Refinements and improvement to Performance Assurance Techniques (PAT)

2019/20’s APAR also details issues information and details and Performance Assurance Techniques, including Trading Disputes, Qualification and the BSC Audit.

The report also provides an overview of risk re-assessment which, in turn, has provided revisions to the Risk Evaluation Register and has helped to inform the new Risk Operating Plan for 2020/21.

The Performance Assurance Board Chair, Douglas Alexander said:

Another challenging 12 months for BSC Parties and their agents. During 2019/20, we have seen 15 Modifications to the BSC and 14 Changes to Code Subsidiary Documents implemented.

This is in addition to changes introduced by other industry Codes and the ongoing commercial pressures on BSC Parties and their agents.

COVID-19 considerations 

The APAR relates to the Performance Assurance Operating Period (PAOP) ending March 2020, and as such, does not yet encompass impacts relating to COVID-19 lockdown.

Due to the pandemic, a number of Performance Assurance Techniques were suspended at short notice, they were:

  • Error and Failure Resolution (EFR)
  • Technical Assurance Agent site visits
  • Technical Assurance of Performance Parties (TAPAP)
  • Supplier Charges

Elexon is currently reviewing the impacts to Risk and will provide parties with updates to this in the next month.


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